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    I think I'm going to get a mobile to clip on my headboard for when I go to sleep. Does anyone have one and was it easy to clip on to your bed?

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    I do not. I think mobiles are a cute idea... but I would have a migraine in no time flat.

    And actually, from working with babies a lot, mobiles usually have a nut and bolt type attachment.... you put the nut into the middle of the two bars on a baby bed and then secure it with the bolt on the other side.

    I wish you luck in figuring this out!

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    Well, I understand if you're interested in the babyish mobiles, but there are other ones out there that just hang from the ceiling. I think there's a limit on how thick the surface can be for the crib mobiles to attach. I've been looking and most people complain that they don't fit anything wider than two inches.

    I was in the bath the other day and it hit me that right above the bathtub would be a wonderful place for a mobile.

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