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    So I wanted to take a girl to prom, but I had to talk to her dad about it first. At first I didn't think It would be that big of a deal. Even though he is the city manager of our small town and this was his only daughter, I wasn't scared. But once I got to talk to him(and I went by my self) he seemed to try and scare me off. Though I won't say what happened, this was an interesting experience.

    But what I am trying to ask the people of adisc is have any of you guys out there meet dads that ether try to scare you or are just super protective? Just kind of hoping I wasn't alone here.

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    Never dated enough people to run into one, the only one I met was fairly nice *shrugs*

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    My old man can be TERRIFYING to most people and were talking guys in their mid 20's and were not even talking about someone trying to date his kid. He just can be so intimidating and scary that they FEAR pissing him off. I however after having grown up with him have gotten immune to his scariness, not that he doesn't still try. Unfortunately it has rubbed off a bit on me, a lot of times people are afraid to come to me if they have an issue with me. Thing is if they come to me and talk about it face to face it earns my respect and I want to help make it right/ apologize, it's when people have issues and don't tell me to my face and I find out about it that I turn into an Ogre.

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    yes my last gf had a freaky dad who you did not want to talk to or be within 5 miles of him.

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    Butterfly Mage


    My dad was an incredibly intimidating, abusive, sexual sadist. It took fifteen years of therapy to get the nightmares cut down to once a month instead of every damned night. Having no contact with him since 1995 has also helped.

    The only intimidating father of a potential boyfriend was long before I met my spouse. I was on my third date and my sorta-boyfriend wanted me to meet his parents. What he failed to tell me was that he wasn't out of the closet to his parents and decided to use the dinner as a "coming out event". The dude's dad was a plumber who looked like he could bench press a Buick. His sole reaction to his son coming out of the closet was to ask: "Son, why'd you invite this faggot over for dinner?"

    Needless to say, I didn't stay for desert or go on a 4th date.

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    Especially my own father. It's hard to take anyone serious when they send you emails full of preaching and knowing what a hypocrite they truly are. What's really ironic though is having a father who will preach to you how important it is to stay in school and keep up with your education. Not funny? It is when they spell a word like might into mite.

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    My dad's actually a very nice guy, he just intimidates the hell out of my boyfriends(well, boyfriend, I should say, and ex at that. Only been one. meh) by simply not talking. xD I thought it was pretty funny, ex didn't xD I remember he was over the house once and we were watching a movie... he just had his arm around my shoulders, that was it... my dad comes home, glances into the living room as he walks past to put his coat away, not saying anything... a few hours later my mom tells me that he stopped to talk to her on his way through and asked "who the hell is that and when is he going home?" hehehehe. Dads tend to take on the guard-dog role with their daughters. xD

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    As for your question, YES fathers are protective of their daughters. And no you are not alone.

    As for my one (thank goodness only one) intimidating father tale.

    I don't know if anyone here has dated an Asian, don't piss daddy off.

    I was 23, just sent to Japan for duty. I had been in Japan for about 6 months when I meet Mickyett. After the sixth or seventh date she said that I had to meet her parents. No big deal right, WRONG. I found out that they are a traditional Japanese family. Meaning that you are in very much love with the girl to meet her family.
    After a very nice dinner. (I love Japanese food) Me and her dad was left at the table to talk and drink by ourselves. This is were the Don't Piss Daddy Off comes from. We talked for about an hour or so, then he asked me to follow him outside to the garden. Outside there was a rolled up mat (about 8in. in diameter) and the biggest sword I've ever seen. Thats when he told me that I was not to soil hi daughter. Then showed me what was to happen to my privets if I did. Lets just say the mat had no chance, nor did I if I touched his daughter. Now that's intimidation.

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