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Thread: This is a silly reason to start a thread, but...

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    Default This is a silly reason to start a thread, but...

    ...I want to thank everyone here. For all your support.

    Seriously, I don't know how I would cope with my infantilist desires without this site. It's the perfect forum, well moderated and, for the most part, clean of all pedophillic and 'unintelligent' conversation. In my opinion, it's much better than other forums for these reasons. I can also come here and express how I really feel, without having to conceal my emotions out of fear of what others will think of me. Without this forum, I would have probably never gotten to know my infantilist side, and with sites like Deeker as my reference point, I would have been led to believe that I was a sick freak by nature. I wouldn't have been able to live with myself.

    So, in closing, thank you all for everything you have done, all your appreciation and support really is great. Sorry for wasting your time.

    You're all the best.

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    Default Ditto

    You have expressed my feelings also.I,too,would like to express my gratitude,so...Thank You all.

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    That isn't a stupid reason to start a thread at all,
    I do believe most everyone here agrees with you on this one... we have all been through this.,

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    Reading you post was not a waste of my time. I would like to say "You're Welcome!" However, it is too presumptuous of me to accept thanks for what others did.

    I will take this time to thank the ADISC community for their support and advice. My outlook on life has greatly improved since finding this site. Thank you all!

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    i can't even begin to fathom how much i've been changed by the two years i've spent on this site. there's really no way to underestimate the value of communication with people who share this peculiarity. i truly think it's made the difference between self-hatred and self-acceptance.

    this site has been a big part of my life, and there are people here who i care about every bit as much as my IRL friends.

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    I agree with you all, this is a great place. I even looked around at other forums just to see if I could find one like ours and nothing came up. The one thing I like about this site and i've said this many times is that we are like a family here and that means alot to me.

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    I will say this is the best site I seen so far but theres always room for improvement. The problem I think the site is facing is the growing number of people, bandwidth and all the stuff like that. Pretty much its starting to remind me of a Supercenter Wal-mart. You can find anything and everything if you look hard enough.

    Yes I know thats a odd thing to say but thats the best way I can explain it myself.

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    I'm down with this topic.

    And similar sentiments are shared by myself as well. So thank you all. ^_^

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    I can't really add anything to that. I totally agree with what has been said. Especially Avery's comment.

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    When I first came here a few years ago, back when it was called a different name, I tought I was too old to be here, so I just stopped in now and then, to see what was being said, I didn't participate much at all.

    Now in the past few months I actully met a few guys from here, Johnaton, and Drew, and feel closer to the people here, of all the years of goning to other sites I never met anyone, because they didn't seem interested at all in meeting.

    Thanks guys for makeing me feel welcome, it's a great site with people who care about others. Thanks Again....B

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