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    Default diaper lovers:)

    hello my name is truls and im 19 years old, i use diapers almost of the time. i sech this side becose i want to learn more aboute my diaper fetish.

    tihs is my Introductions
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    Heya, welcome to the site! I see you're from sweden, so I won't penalize you and ride you like a donkey about your grammar. That said, can you tell us a bit about yourself OUTSIDE of the TB/AB/DL world? I see you simply clicked everything available, also, for your tags regarding weather you're an AB, TB, DL and/or BF. Please use these correctly, and if you are unsure of the term, try not to use it. Here on ADISC, we try not to focus that much on the diapering side of things, as we have members as young as 13 on the site.


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