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    well, i thought i would get the intro out of the way. Hi, I'm a 13 year old TB. I wanted diapers nearly as long as i can remember, but i don't know when. when i was 3, i was playing video games, and i didn't want to go to the bathroom, so i would rarely do it. My mom asked me if i wanted to be put back in diapers, because i wouldn't get up long enough to go to the bathroom. in embarrasment, i said "no" but i always wondered what would have happened if i had said yes. I had to wait for a long time, then when i was 6, my sis and i got diapers, my mom thought it was a phase. i loved being in diapers. it was fun... but i didn't make my mom aware of it. although i did get my step dad to get me a pacifier and a bottle. i used them more. the reason was the diapers couldn't fit. the rest of my child hood, i lived with my "weird" feelings, but i didn't tell anyone. I felt alone. then one day, i wet my pants intentionally. I cleaned them up, and was worrying about what would happen if i didn't keep this covered up good enough. eventually, my friends mom came over, she taught me how to do laundry when my mom was on a vacation in california, and i could do that and make it easier to wet myself and not get caught. reacently though, my step dad found wet pants, and he asked me if i "Pi**'d myself"(his words, not mine) because of his wording, and embarrassment, i said, "NO!" and he didn't really think more of it. Now, I am trying to figure a way to get diapers. so, now you know me... a 13 year old TB... and i think a "Sissy" too! well, that's pretty much it... I hope i don't get discovered by my dad, i am up there for the summer !

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