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Thread: Old games released for free by their creators

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    Default Old games released for free by their creators

    When I saw this post: about Marathon now being available for free, I thought of the other games that are now available for free from their developers, and did up a short list:

    Elder Scrolls I: Arena
    Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall
    Note: These two are fan-patched releases to run on modern systems. The unmodified version was available on The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim , but the whole website was recently replaced by an ad for ES5:Skyrim

    Grand Theft Auto, GTA2 and Wild Metal: all on this page. I can confirm GTA2 works on modern systems, haven't tried the other two.

    Micropolis (aka Simcity 1): Installation is quite complicated, so instructions are in the link. Getting Micropolis

    Also possibly playable online if you have a Maxis account. Registering a new one wouldn't work for me, others may have more luck.

    id Software
    Quake: Can't find the link, but id GPLed the source.
    Quake III: As Quake Live

    Alien Swarm: Requires Steam

    Command and Conquer, Red Alert 1 and Tiberian Sun: Links on offical forums

    Anyone else know of other major developers that released their games for free?

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    if your register for good old games at you can get a couple free games.

    one of which is Tyrian 2000. which is an EXCELLENT shump that has a regenerating shield system and a ton of ship customization.

    the music is also epic and the game is a TON of fun. bought the original Tyrian when it came out on floppies from epic mega games.

    I still play it sometimes and the game holds up well ^.^

    GO GET IT =D

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    how old? Incredibots,zombie panic,moon base and i know there are more that i am forgeting.

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