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Thread: TV or Books

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    Default TV or Books

    Do you spend more time watching TV, or reading?

    I never really watch much tv, and I think that tv tells a lot about our societies. I spend most of that time reading instead. I find a good book way more satisfying.
    I feel tv has its place, and I enjoy watching the Simpsons and Family Guy, because one should get in a certain amount of daily laughter inorder to remain mentally healthy

    I also believe that modern tv programming is a major issue with our society (especially true in the US)

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    I'm trying to cut back on both TV and movies because I really can't remember the last time I was watching TV/Movie and said to myself "Hey that was a really interesting plot point I didn't see coming from 20 miles away.

    Books are different the old phrase was "theater of the mind" a little melodramatic but essentially thats the difference.

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    Something interesting to note here - TV should, technically, provide your brain with more stimulating activity. However, due to the absolutely insipid quality of TV programming versus the incredibly rich and diverse knowledge that books provide us with...

    Well, you guess which one is generally "better" for you.

    On that same note, video games can be even better - they have the potential to engage more of your mind than either reading or TV. The problem is that most kids take this to excess rather than in a healthy amount.

    I'm not saying substitute one for another (give that they all stimulate different parts of the mind) or that its okay to sit and read for eight hours a day but not play video games for that long - it's just an objective thought that perhaps the conventional wisdom about reading vs watching tv or playing video games is probably not true at all.

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    As with anything, it's about looking out for quality media - stuff that is actually thought-provoking, not just a way of killing time. There are just as many examples of mindless literature as mindless tv shows. It's just that reading requires a certain amount of effort, while TV is almost completely passive. Well, that and TV has to appeal to a wider audience, so is more vulnerable to "dumbing down". And ideological interference. You certainly have far more control over what you read than what is on the television.

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    i currently watch more TV/movies than i read. However, growing up, I was an avid reader, and am trying to focus a bit more on reading again rather than TV/computer all the time. I really enjoy books, and actually went through a couple this last weekend. It helps i just got an e-reader, and loaded it with a bunch of stuff i haven't read yet. makes it really easy to grab and go.

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    I usually don't have the patience for books these days it seems. I start to read one and next thing I know I'm off doing something else. That's not to say I don't read, I do a lot of reading in terms of articles and such just not a whole lot of book reading. On a side note though, I effectively taught myself how to write a report by following the format of the documentaries I was watching on the history channel. That was back when it actually had history on in of course.

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    id petition that im the biggest bookworm in my immediate family, and in the top 10 of my extended family.
    alot of us are very outdoorsey though,

    when it comes to TV i seem to watch only three channels, the ABC, Nat geo, or discovery, id watch maybe comedy, or scifi, or bbc knowledge if i had them but i dont. i CANNOT stand soaps period.

    id say the computer though, at home takes up my greatest amount of time. due to the simple fact most of the year im at uni, which usually requires the computer to research information with any speed. thus, most of my best games are on PC

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    I watch more TV because I can get more information in a short amount of time. By a lot.

    Yesterday I read a book. A full 400 page book. In the time it took me to read that book, I probably could have watched two, maybe even three movies, with each movie having a nearly equal amount of information compared to the book. The thing is, a book has to describe things for all five senses, whereas a film only needs to provide two of them directly (sight and sound), while smells, tastes, and feelings can be imagined just by seeing them, rather than needing to describe them.

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    Give me a book every time! Just the words on the page the author intends me to read and my mind to interpret them - a 'contract of two'. A film involves third-party intervention and invariably the result is 'scrambled egg!'

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    I like it all, actually.

    I love to read. All kinds of books, too. From childrens' storybooks all the way up to huge novels. In high school I spent a couple of weeks reading the complete Sherlock Holmes series. It was telling that the other kids thought it was stupid and boring until I let it slip that he was on drugs for a while.

    I also love to watch TV. I do tend to watch things that other people think are boring until they sit down with me and watch it. I really love things like "Dirty Jobs" and "How it's Made". I also love watching cartoons.

    As for video games, I've spent more than my fair share of time trying to beat a certain level. The sad thing is I usually solve it in my sleep, get up the next morning and remember how I did it. I try to stay away from things like Bejewelled. I love the game, but I end up doing levels in my sleep because my crazy brain doesn't know when to stop. I really love doing Hidden Object Games. I got hooked on the first Mystery Case Files. They're kind of like a grown-up version of the ISpy books.

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