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Thread: Are there kidfurs out there?

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    Default Are there kidfurs out there?

    Are there any furs out there that can identify with being a kidfur? Basically, someone who is of the age of being toilet trained, but for some reason wears diapers or training pants?

    I think of my character as being old enough to wear underwear, but occasionaly may need pull-ups or diapers to stay dry. A kid who can get so caught up with playing that he forgets to go to the bathroom and wets. Or, a kid that still has too much beverage and wets the bed.

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    I could identify as one to an extent, since my character is usually around the age of 5-6 yet is a little more childish then some. It's probably the lowest I'd go in terms of age as well, since I enjoy the security of being able to think freely and intelligently.

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    Ièm not really a fur of any sort, though I do enjoy animals and pretending to be them sometimes, my little tb age is somewhere around four, so ièm almost toilet trained, and love to play simple games and color. Though for some reasons I still like pacifiers and bottles.......

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    I have the urge to hop up and down, waving my hand wildly in the air and saying "Ooh, Ooh! Me! Meeeee!"

    The furthest back I go is about 3-5 years old. So as a character my little weasel-self is old enough to wear underwear during the day but still has some issues at night and sometimes during the day if she gets caught up in something or is sick.

    I'm totally more into sippy cups than bottles, but I like those too sometimes.

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    I dunno. I am quite indecisive, so I still don't have a definite age set for my fursona.

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    I fall into that category, I would put the age of my fursona at 4-5. I don't need the diapers at least not during the day, they just look good

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    I would say I am, My furr is about 11-ish. I like doing big kid stuff yet at the same time I enjoy diapers and pacis.

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    Me, I say that's where I would stand. Well am standing. I would find it uncomfortable to go back too far, just not my thing. Though I'm still in the grey about all this...
    I say either kidfur or toddlerfur. Or young kidfur... Fur lol.

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    more a babyfur/toddlerfur myself, though as far as I'm aware anything between 4 and 11 is usually considered a littlefur, that said littlefur and kidfur seem to be interchangeable

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    my fursona is a lion cub about 4-6 y.o. but very immature when in little kid mode i switch between diapers and panties, he has lapses and wets frequently and has to be diapered, so i would say not quite kidfur, but not quite babyfur

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