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Thread: i am leaving too

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    Default i am leaving too

    Quote Originally Posted by FullMetal View Post
    Well, because people have been being so mean to me, I am leaving. I know no one will care because you are all really mean and I hate you all. MAYBE if you guys were nicer, I wouldn't have to leave in this dramatic manner, but you guys all bring out the worst in me.
    I am also leaving because of:

    The Reputation system- it is sOOOOO bad, they should get rid of it.

    The status thingy- WHAT GIVES ANYONE THE RIGHT!

    I am mean to people, but they aren't nice to me. WHYZ doz theyz doz thatz?

    The admins and mods are picking favoritza, and I just dont like that

    I want a whole thread on how I am really cool dedicated to me, but the mod(s) said no. (if anyone wants to make that...I wouldn't mind.)

    I talk to my bear, and he....erm...talks back!

    Limited access is stupid.. (big red face HERE)

    What the hell is an Activity system...

    Access Limited?>!>?!>!:>!>?!>@@>>08*&*) huh..?

    There are other things but those are the main ones!

    Ok! Fine, all joking aside?

    what fullmetal said AND
    you are so mean to me for making great threads. this isnt spamming, its making a good slate
    and i taken down my abdl flows, wiki articles, and blogs.
    i HATE how moo, or peachy, whoever the ****s in charge, is turning adisc into a DICTATORSHIP
    DONT WORRY, theres other b/dl forums,
    that arent a datascratching, bull shit picking site.

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    what fullmetal said AND
    FullMetal was being satirical in that topic.

    Moo has always been the dictator of TBDL / ADISC.

    I think members are being overly harsh to you. I don't think you've warranted that amount of negative reputation, I don't believe you intentionally intended to spam ADISC with thoughtless threads, and people are forgetting you have made good threads, safe threads, but good which inspired lots of discussion.

    I think we need to remind ourselves that young, giddy members use the forum, and to make sure what we say isn't insulting, we can be honest but I think we have to take a second to see that we phrase ourselves maturely. If members feel like they're being bullied or hounded we aren't doing a good job being a support site which caters to all ages.
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    It's not the topics itself, it's good to have members that want to contribute as much as you do. It's the way you type them. If you took the time to type it out properly so everyone could understand, then you would have a whole load of positive reputation, instead of the negative.

    The way you are sending out your messages (~andEVENyourTITLES/names/ADISC||fosho/yes!!") look like ridiculous spam, and that sir, is where the problem lies.

    Take your time to post and I'm sure we will all enjoy your threads much, much, much more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Asako View Post
    You know what. If you're going to be a little whiny b**** about it, GTFO!
    You in particular have no right to call anyone a ''little whiny bitch''.

    If you followed what you're preaching now you would have been gone long ago.

    You did demonstrate the point in my first post, I'll give you that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Naruto View Post
    You in particular have no right to call anyone a ''little whiny bitch''.

    If you followed what you're preaching now you would have been gone long ago.

    You did demonstrate the point in my first post, I'll give you that.
    im agreing with naruto.. but you did make a very valid point nonetheless

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    So long and thanks for all the fish.

    Just to note. Full Metal was JOKING.

    Your threads, with the chance of the spatial few, have been weak, unthought out and have often had no purpose other than to put your thread creation rate up.

    Good job, you gave us junk. I believe we may have a possible language barrier, but that's hardly an excuse to post crap.

    If you're gonna go, just go, it's not like we're going to cry over a single lost member with very little positive input, stop trying to make this a massive drama, just PM your friends and let them know. Then GTFO.

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    Hah! Good riddance.

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    All I'm going to say is that you were told by numerous people in a variety of ways to pick up your standard of posting. I don't believe anyone over-reacted or was mean to you. You were give substantial feedback in your threads, replies to your posts and rep as well, yet you still didn't take any of that into consideration. And that's what it's all about. Other people use the forum as well, and people come here for good discussion, not deciphering unintelligible posts. So not being considerate is (what I see to be) your downfall here.

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