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    Well, I've come back to the one communnity that supports sommething that im just now coming to realize no matter how much I fight it, its a part of me and always will be.

    I have been having a rough time with my life lately. When things get rough for me i think. Sometimes way to much.

    First things got rough with the love of my life. I ran from my problems which brought our realisonship to a end. A couple months after that I lost my job. I felt like I was losing everything that mattered to me. Last month my landlord notified me that if i didnt comeup with money i was going to get avicted.

    I fell back and started thinking. Where am I going with my life. I'm a high school drop out with no job. I felt like a loser and a freak. I felt like if I didnt lose the diapers it would make things worse.

    Yesterday I came to realize I am who I am. I can make it though life even if I love diapers. It has nothing to do with me losing my job. I told myself I can fix all of this. I will make it. I took back the love of my life the one who will stand by me no matter what. Enrolled in online high school. And searched for a job.

    Why let life destroy the one thing I love. Like my girlfriends says diapers play a part in who I am. I can't help that part of me. Its just who I am.

    I know most of it wont make sense or is out of order. Its 4am here and im sleepy but felt the need to post this.

    Love You ADISC

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    Waw, i see you've been through a lot.
    But i'm very glad for you that you've found a way to accept who you are, and found a little bit of happiness

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mikeru117 View Post
    Wait, how many Mikes were there BEFORE me?
    Theres quit a few mikes around here. I've been around for sometime though. Just stop coming around as much

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    Your post makes perfect sense, baby mike. I am sorry for your recent misfortunes. With your positive attitude and the rational steps you have taken to improve your life, I am sure things will get much better fairly soon. Anyway, I am glad you're back and you have my best wishes. Take care.

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