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Thread: The Starbucks 'Trenta' Cup

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    Default The Starbucks 'Trenta' Cup

    The New Starbucks Trenta Cup Is Bigger Than Your Stomach

    Oh man, I don't know how I feel about this. One of these bad boys and a pack of American Spirits and you'll be in tachyarrhythmia heaven! Thank you America!

    Needless to say, I'll be looking like the biggest douche at Target. Just me, my giant hater shades, 31 oz of coffee, and a bunch of thongs in my cart.

    Prepare for everybody suing Starbucks over severely shitting themselves and having heart attacks.

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    This sort of freaks me out. Why do we need more coffee? Especially since it's unhealthy to drink that much at once, or it has to be anyway (no professional knowledge). I get to see the teenagers that drink that stuff. Some people get crazy off of 16 oz cups, others aren't affected in the slightest by 24 oz. Between the two, we non-coffee drinkers are headed to the bunkers to wait this one out. *ducks in cover*

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    Too much coffee! Didnt anyone learn anything from Super Size me? I want to say this wont take off......but I know thats not true.

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    Forget what Count Chocula and Fred Flinstone rambled on about all those years; a balanced and healthy breakfast is not the answer...

    Drowning yourself with a Trenta Double Whip Caramel Brule latte' is now the correct choice.


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    Eh, I'd rather have 32+ ounces of decent to good coffee, then Starbucks $8 cup that is likely 30oz of sugar, and 1oz of coffee.

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    Now I can spend that Starbucks card I wasn't going to use anyway, all in once place! Just like they said not to!

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    Meh, not a big deal. I have a mug that safely holds a whole pot of coffee.

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    And I found that the venti was huge as it is... To all their own, but I for one won't be buying a 31 onces cup of coffee.

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    Eh. I used to drink about 2 or 3 (or four) venti's worth (not actually from starbucks, but similar sized mugs) per day to stay awake and because I'm a huge addict and get migraines if I don't drink coffee. So this wouldn't be a problem for me to drink. It's too much of the sweet drinks they have, but I usually just get plain coffee anyway with a little skim milk and I hate sugar in my coffee. So not bad for the calories for me...just the caffeine. Which is my life blood. Oh yes.

    Still, even I have never caught myself wanting them to bring out a bigger size coffee. Seems silly, but I can't say I'll never get one for a night shift.

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    I died laughing when I saw this... then I did it again when I saw Starbucks actually put it out there...


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