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Thread: Lille Supremes - Cloth or plastic backed

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    Hi all i recently purchased the lillie supremes all in ones i had tried them in the past and they were plastic backed and i liked them apart from the tapes, anyways i tried them again recently and they are now cloth backed and for me they seem to leak .Anyone else tried these ?

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    lol. i upset a purveyor of these garments a little while back by saying how rubbish they now were. she was most upset by my stating how awful they smell when damp.
    it's just over a year ago that i found out they'd changed (been taken over by someone or other - the usual story) and i complained to the relevant department at the time, via the intersnot. of course, my complaint was just handed to some dimwit who didn't even know the product lines of his own company, so i didn't waste my time pursuing it.
    let's just face it, it's a dead diaper. Tena work for most people who've made a change.
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