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    Talking hello

    My name is Chris and I have been a Dl as long as I can remember. I wet the bed when I was younger and still do but not as much, so I always had diapers around me. I have always had the desire to be IC but I know that it is better left as a desire and not as reality. I live in Virginia so any of you guys and gals, don't be shy.

    Things that might connect me to a few of you other than the common interest or need for diapers is the love for learning languages, I love to write, swim, run, I love music. I'm interested in learning anything, regardless of the topic. I am very curious.

    On a side note, I am a nerd but you would never know because I don't have the typical nerdy stereotype that seems to be thought of when that word arrises.

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    Oh, may I ask what languages you speak? I'd love to say that I am good at learning languages, but I find it incredibly difficult and boring (it took me years to learn English despite living in an area where virtually everyone speaks it -_-). Out of curiosity, do you swim competitively (and if you do, what stroke/distances do you like? And even if you don't, you probably have at least a favorite stroke ^^).

    Anyway, that was nice intro. I'm looking forward to seeing you around, SwimMaster,


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    I speak English as my primary, But I am studying Spanish with a tutor and learning Arabic from my room-mates. Learning a language can be VERY boring if done alone but it is the mistakes, the failures and laughing about it with they people who teach you that keep you going. At least it is that way for me. When I was a child, I always told myself that I wanted to speak and write 6 languages before I was 30. I have a little under 6.5 years to do just that. lol.

    As to swimming, I used to swim for the maryland swim team years back, I swam in high school but currently, I would be lucky to do a 100 Fly or a 100 free for that matter. Butterfly is my favorite, Breast is my weakest. My 2 main events that I did were the 500 free and the 200 free.

    Thank you for the nice reply NEAR, I hope to see you around as well.

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    Hey swimmasterusa, welcome to ADISC! If your ever bored and want to learn some seriously obscure nerdy stuff hit me up! I love rambling and teaching people stuff. =D

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