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Thread: I am leaving FOREVER!

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    Default I am leaving FOREVER!

    Well, because people have been being so mean to me, I am leaving. I know no one will care because you are all really mean and I hate you all. MAYBE if you guys were nicer, I wouldn't have to leave in this dramatic manner, but you guys all bring out the worst in me. Oh, and I am quitting diapers, for GOOD. No more diapers, they are for weirdos and I am no weirdo, like Kraiden- who is coincidently, a bear (that doesn't even make sense!!!)

    I am also leaving because of:

    The Reputation system- it is sOOOOO bad, they should get rid of it.

    The status thingy- WHAT GIVES ANYONE THE RIGHT!

    I LOVE DRUGS, and people are against it!!!! ...bastards

    I am mean to people, but they aren't nice to me. WHYZ doz theyz doz thatz?

    I want my mommy to change me, but people say that is wrong!

    The admins and mods are picking favoritza, and I just dont like that

    I want a whole thread on how I am really cool dedicated to me, but the mod(s) said no. (if anyone wants to make that...I wouldn't mind.)

    I talk to my bear, and he....erm...talks back!

    Limited access is stupid.. (big red face HERE)

    What the hell is an Activity system...

    Access Limited?>!>?!>!:>!>?!>@@>>08*&*) huh..?

    There are other things but those are the main ones!

    Ok! Fine, all joking aside?

    I am leaving. For two months. Next Tuesday, at around 6 AM, I am going to be driving out of this country to a pseudo country (providence) called Canada! It's a really awesome place if you haven't been... Oh, point? Yea, so I am working at this camp, yet again. I did this last year if anyone remembers. I love the camp and I am really excited to go, but not as excited to leave all of you. I mean, it's only for two months, so it's not like I will never be back, but, it is still a while.

    There is a possibility that I will have internet, but most likely not. I will probably be able to come on at least once a week if I am lucky, but I will need that time to check in on people at home, and college stuff. I will try my hardest to see if I can stop by here, but I can't make any promises. Last summer, I did manage to steal some internet from a near by country house, but it was very weak. Will I be able to do it this year? I have no clue. I really hope so though, FullMetal + No Computer = Not very good. Even if I can steal the connection, it will only be at night since it is like a 12 hour day type of job, but I will really try, I promise you that.

    Anyway, if anyone has any comments, questions? Ask away. I just wanted to say this now so I wouldn't spring it on you guys, like a jerk. And I do love you all, you are like my second family, so if you need anything!


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    woah, that was scary..glad your not really leaving

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    Quote Originally Posted by tom View Post
    woah, that was scary..glad your not really leaving
    Not forever that is

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    Don't do that again FM, I don't want you to leave foreever, that was scary.

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    The first part was awesomely hilarious with some witty satire (given I didn't believe for a single second to the thread title )

    For all the rest all I can suggest you is...enjoy your time at the camp and don't bother with searching an internet connection, taking a break once in a while from all this technological stuff (= computers ) is definitely healthy.

    And, what's more, you'll come back with a refreshed appetite for diapers, for the companionship of your fellow ADISCers, and so on. Y'know how they say, staying away from something lets you appreciate it better when you come back.

    Have fun!

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    Yah, that was mean. Glad your not leaving, at least not for long.

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    Hey that was great I liked that, well have a good time at camp, everybody needs a vacation now and then....I know I could use one, but I'm too cheap for that.

    Anyway have a good time....B

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    ....and here it isn't even April 1!:wink: Have fun at camp over the Summer, FullMetal. I'd like to visit Canada some day myself.


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