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Thread: Abena's quieter tapes?

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    Default Abena's quieter tapes?

    Holy smokes!

    I just received a bag of Abena Super from (pretty efficient; good pricing; my housemates won't second guess the purchase), and I noticed something VERY different:

    The tapes are quieter when you pull them off the tab. Yes, it's true.

    I haven't worn a plastic-backed disposable since the end of August, but my memory sure tells me that these suckers are a whole new adhesive! I used to CRINGE when I would pull the tapes from their original home. The noise was unmistakable. This time, they pulled smoothly off their plane; think of a fabric band-aid.

    Any who, I figured I'd share and see if anyone else has experienced this. Let's see how the new adhesive holds up ... I can follow-up on that after.


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    Hmm, you mean when you first put them on?
    Yeah, I've noticed that they are very quiet, which is good for me at least. Just getting into that sorta stuff.

    And walking around in my room and what not, they hold up fairly well.

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    If tapes are noisy, I just get under the covers in my bed, and put them on. The blankets absorb the sound well enough.

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