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    Well...hi! My names Josh and I'm a 15 year old French Canadian student that for whatever reason, has an interest for diapers... Anyway, I've been meaning to post something for a while but never really got the courage too, so I'm now hoping that I'll be more active on this forum! Anyways, cya around!

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    Oh non, pas un autre Canadien français! Je suis moins spéciale maintenant, il n'y en a pas beaucoup des francophones hors-Québec sure ADISC ^^

    So, back to Shakespeare's tongue, welcomed to ADISC Giosia! So, you like Math AND video-games, eh? Any change you might be a geek? :P
    Anyway, its nice to see you finally mustered the courage to start poking out of your shell. Quite a few of the "established" members also started quite nervously (me amounts them -_-), but since we're (generally) a nice bunch you should feel right at home pretty soon. I hope to see you around (and don't forget to stop by the computers and games section),


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    welcome! and how do you pronounce that name?

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    Hey, thanks for the welcomes! And yes Near, I am kind of a geek, but kinda not. There is like 10 guys in my entire grade so we don't really divide ourselves into groups such as the jocks, the geeks, etc. And it's nice to see another French Canadian here! We are a small community.

    Well again, thanks for taking the time to respond to my thread!

    and also, my user name is "Josh" in italian so it's kinda hard to pronounce but it's said like "Gee-o-zee-a" if that helps at all :P

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    I'm just joking welcome aboard!

    I just recently joined as well and I know for a fact its scary to admit it, even to strangers over the inter-tron. Stick around the folks are friendly and supportive! =D

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    People have a problem pronouncing my name too! hehe Welcome anyway :-)

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