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Thread: Finding a box or boxes for my stash

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    Default Finding a box or boxes for my stash

    I recently bought two packages of Attends off of craigslist because I don't want my parents to be buying them for me or anything as its something that I personally need to keep to myself.

    Anyways, I have run into a problem, which is I have a shipping box in my closet which I keep my stash in, problem is I ran out of room plus its slowly deteriorating from usage. So does anyone know a way I can acquire another box or something? My means are really limited I already tried looking through the garage for some empty boxes or containers but we have none.

    Lastly when I say my options are limited I mean that my means are strictly the internet, cash, and no transportation[not even a car] because I really don't want to take the trimet or something.

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    There are two quick ways to get a cardboard box for free. Recycling center and grocery store. LOTS of people go to grocery stores for boxes for moving, they go through an absolute ton of boxes every week. (you may need to ask them when their shipments come in, they are scheduled and may have their cardboard picked up the following days) Unfortunately, the bigger boxes are almost always very lightweight. Think toilet paper boxes. So they may not have the quality you are looking for. Recycling center will have a lot of heavy boxes, but they'll be broken down and you'll need to use packing tape to get them from flat to square again.

    ANY grocery store will do. They all have lots of boxes. So you shouldn't have a problem getting some from your nearest store.

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    Yes, I was going to say the liquor store. We got boxes from them when we moved to Virginia. Stores also sell storage boxes. The big plastic ones with lids are good for keeping things free from moisture and dust.

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    Like dogboy said, a plastic one would be ideal.

    It wouldn't wear down and break from normal use. You could probably find one for a few dollars on craigslist.
    To be honest, I think I should get one. I keep my diapers in a crawl space, in a diaper case box, in plastic trash bags... Very untidy.

    Edit: I just looked in the free section on craigslist, and found a bunch of free moving boxes... I would check local stores first though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hal0ispwnd View Post
    Go behind a liquor store. They have hundreds of boxes back there.
    That's also a really good place to get boxes that have lots of compartments for things about the size of bottles. My mom has a thing for finding crystal glasses at garage sales etc, and uses those boxes to prevent chipping.

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    think of non-box places to put them, there are alot of articles dealing with hiding stuff, my fav was the space between the floor and the bottom drawer in the dressers

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    I'm thinking that boxes from behind the liquor store might attract unwanted attention from parents given the age of the originator. One thing that works great and doesn't deteriorate are those plastic storage containers with lids. They are about the same size as a standard cardboard box and you can get them in opaque varieties so the contents can't be seen. If you want further protection from snooping, you can put boring stuff like old school papers over the contents hidden below. I'm not sure if that will work with your current transportation situation but if it does, they are effective. We I got my first apartment with my then girlfriend (now wife) and before I told her about all of this, I used the storage container system very effectively.

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