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Thread: Uk airports and nappies

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    Default Uk airports and nappies

    i got through security no problems any one else managed this

    EDIT: may be in wrong section
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    This post is not going to go well with alot of people here. Its generally not the kind of post ADISC members look for, so be prepared.

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    you've got courage wearing in public i wouldnt be able to do it especially in a place as packed as an airport

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    I think it was palusable up to the "girl says something about my underwear part". Just sayin.

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    Intresting. You should put that in a blog. It seems more fitting then to put it in the form. And this is because most people want threads that they can put their own opinion in. In the thread, they can't really say much other then," That must have been scary." Or , "Glad you got through there allright." This post is ok, but just remember that some may not really care. But happy posting.

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    ok sorry im new to this web site i dont know where to post things

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    Quote Originally Posted by deano13 View Post
    ok sorry im new to this web site i dont know where to post things
    It's not where you post, it's what you post.

    Ok, you had a plane to catch, and wanted to go padded. Cool so far. But you had to go on about more about the diaper, how you changed it. How you were nervous and it was shown to the secuirty staff in an embarrsing search. As well as your constant fear of being noticed to have it. Probably best if you didn't go through the idea. And to kill it off, further embarrassment from a girl with the mental attitude of a 9 year old.

    Sure, sometimes things don't go smoothly. Just that you talked a lot about minor deekeresque points. Wearing, public embarrassment/exhibitionist, and using the diaper. Whilst it wasn't full of discriptive. We just didn't know what you were asking other than sharing a seemingly odd experience, and it doesn't really appeal to this forum much.

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    You know, you could write a story and submit it on the stories part of the forum. I feel like there is a bit of false information, you are not IC, and you say that you got nervous, about having a nappy on, so you wet it...sorry, that just seems, a bit fake? But that could just be me.

    Take care~

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