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Thread: Corporate BS ALERT!!!!

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    Default Corporate BS ALERT!!!!

    what do you think is corporate b-sh*t
    child services
    what else do you think is BS
    Tell US

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    T_T.......I'm getting the feeling that you just like to make threads with polls just for the heck of it
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    I've had 2 beers and I still can't make sense of this.

    Child services is NOT corporate bullshit, if you mean a service that takes care of kids while the parents are WORKING to support it's future.

    School are not corporate bullshit either, because...

    If you do not go to school, you'll definatelly go to jail. And you know what they do to guys like us in prison.

    -Gerard Way, My Chemical Romance's Frontman.

    And as for media? Certain media are bullshit, but we cannot condemn the whole media system. This would mean : No TVs, No News, No Video games, No Newspapers, No radio...

    I cannot speak for you, but I know for one I don't want to live in the stone age. Suggesting the removal of those ideas certainly sounds like a nostalgia for it.

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    I feel like I just got dumber trying to understand this topic. I mean really your claiming schools and child services are corporations!

    :: Destroys Betagame's computer ::

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    I think I see a mod coming carrying a padlock in his hand........


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    Someone tell me I wasn't the only person immediately reminded of this when they clicked on this thread.

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    Is there anyway a mod can take his thread privilege away until he learns how to make a good thread? Not trying to be a ass or anything but that just my opinion.
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    He's already moderated. The fact that his post showed at all means that it was first approved by a mod.

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