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Thread: How would you feel if a Christian friend invited you to church?

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    Default How would you feel if a Christian friend invited you to church?

    Well as Christians one of the many things that people "should do" is invite people to church to hear the word of God. Well I have a question to you atheist, what if you had a friend that asked you. Like they just asked you casually "Would you like to come to church with me?" Nothing more nothing less. Any they simply asked you every single week. Once a week when they are up and leaving or something. They do invite you to many other things "Bars,movies,parties" things that you're both interested in. This person doesn't talk much about religion to you or anything like that. Just simply invite you to church as a friendly gesture. Comrodery or companionship as some would say.

    Would you ever tell them yes? Would you be offended? Keep in mind regardless of wether you attended or not he/she would still ask you next week. Maybe if you told them to stop they would respect it for a while but then it'll slip their mind.

    I'm just curious.... been thinking about stuff regarding people and how they view Christianity and how I read a statistic about people not going to church only because no one invited them.

    Here's a deeper question lets say some of the stuff the preacher says you're alright with. Like you actually like the way he speaks and many of the things he says you can get behind, or make some sort of sense. And agree with your morals or whatever. Or you can simply relate to it.... Would you attend again? I mean just to hear this preacher?

    Haha answer if you'd like or not. keep it civilized and I'm not trying to force anyone's beliefs or anything.

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    Personally, if a friend ever asked me that, I'd politly turn them down, telling them that I:
    1) Don't have time to take out half a day of so to listen to something I do not get behind.
    2) Remind them that I am not interested in religion

    Granted, as you said if the Father had some of the same views and morals as me, yes, I just might be able to find time and go. Don't see why not. It is always nice to go out with a friend anyway.

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    Well, I think my christian friends probably know me well enough not to ask. Supposing one of them did, however, I wouldn't be offended in the slightest. I couldn't get offended or angry at someone sincerely offering some insight into their world view and community.
    As to whether I'd accept their offer... I think that would depend on a lot of things. Amongst those would be to what extent I'd be expected to participate. Additionally, others present would have to be agreeable. I'd consider it disrespectful to participate as an atheist if the believers there objected.

    I highly doubt any of the spiritual aspects of a service would be convincing in the slightest to me. I can easily see the moral elements of it being agreeable, but I wouldn't attend just because of that.

    To summarise: I'd go to a church service with a friend who invited me sincerely with little objection, but probably would never accept the teachings imparted.

    Interesting and thought-provoking question, by the way. Nice idea for a thread as long as it remains civil

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    Depends on the nature of the asking. I like to be exposed to faiths other than my own- it encourages spiritual growth. Of course, there's something to be said for what my friend's intentions are. If my friend is losing sleep over the fact I'm due for eternal damnation as a result of not having accepted Jesus Christ as my person savior, then I'm going to pass. That's an 'in' to my beliefs that oversteps their bounds. If they want me to see how they worship, then I'd gladly go.

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    Butterfly Mage


    It would probably depend on the church and the reason. If I was invited to a wedding, funeral, baptism, ordination, etc, I would likely go. It it was a run-of-the-mill service, I would probably decline the offer. Likewise, I might go if it was a Christian service with Pagan roots (like Christmas or Easter).

    Of course, then the type of Christian church would also make a difference. If it was an Episcopal, Lutheran, or similar liberal denomination, I would be more likely to attend. I would never -- ever -- set foot in a Mormon or Assemblies of God church for any reason (not for weddings or funerals either). They probably wouldn't let me in the front door anyway, har har.

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    Many friends I have at my youth group go to church, some of them assume I go, some of them ask me if I'm going to be there. If they ask, I just simply say "Probably not, it's not really my thing. I'm usually asleep at that time anyways...". They don't really ask me anymore, except one, but he's a rather forgetful type so it's understandable. If it was every week, I would politely ask them to stop, because that would get annoying very quickly.

    For the other question, the youth pastor at our church tells pretty interesting stories that are really aimed at teenage kids. I love listening to him, I can usually relate to what he's saying and I think his words hit everyone deep. He's got this way of opening you up and making you more comfortable with him before he gets to the deep stuff, and it makes it so much more powerful. I still don't go to church on Sundays though, the only time I'm there is for youth group and events like Christmas. Every couple of weeks in enough for me.

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    If it were a one-time thing, I'd appreciate the invite, but I'd politely decline. If it became a weekly thing, then a more serious conversation would need to take place. At that point, I'd begin to feel like it was more than a friendly thing and was moving into the realm of proselytizing.

    Then again, most people know me well enough to know that I no longer have any interest in or any positive inclination toward religion.

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    I'd decline politely.

    And the next time, and next time. I don't think I could stand hanging around with someone who had such a bad memory that they couldn't remember that I didn't want to go to church with them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CuddleWoozle View Post
    I'd decline politely.

    And the next time, and next time. I don't think I could stand hanging around with someone who had such a bad memory that they couldn't remember that I didn't want to go to church with them.
    Well remember it depends on how you'd talk to them. If you tell them "Nah not today" Then he'll take it as "maybe next time" So if you always respond "not today" He will always ask. Ya know?

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    I don't have any friends that are christian, and I'm fairly open about my opinion towards religion, so I don't see that happening anytime soon

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