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    Out of interest, does anyone else have a thing for clothes labels, ribbons and other small pieces of silkily smooth fabric? I've had a habit of running them and twisting through my fingers for as long as I can remember. It's pretty much the only infantile habit that I have never, ever grown out of, and I'm curious if anyone else does the same...

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    I always liked the feel of ribbons too. Whenever i found small bits i do what you did and be running them on my fingers or over my lips to blow it off. But with my short attention span i be only playing with it for like 5-10 mins before i put it down some where >_<

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    I love ribbons, soft, fuzzy or silky material. I love going into the craft store so I can 'pet' the fabric swatches.

    I've seen these cool little plush toys for babies that have silky tags sewn on them. I think I would love those...especially if it was a combination of soft fuzzy plush and silky tags.

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    Same here. My hoodie has the cord to tighten down the hood part, and it's sooooo silky and awesome... Used to play with it and twirl it around 'til I outgrew it. Same thing goes for ribbon if I can find any.
    Actually gonna put a ribbon around the zipper part of my new jacket to play with =3

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    I like certain types of material... and the feel of certain objects. I can sit and rub or hold one of these objects for hours on end!

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    Yep. You know those blankets that are edged in silky fabric (it's not actually silk, but some sort of man-made material)? If one is close to me, I'll be running the 'silk' through my fingers. I hardly realize I'm doing it, it's just automatic and hard to stop. I blame it on a blanket someone gave me when I was born. It was edged in the same material, and I carried it everywhere until it was more patches than blanket.

    Those blankets used to be readily available and pretty cheap, but I can't find any in stores any more. However, I found some edging at Joann Fabrics, and I'm almost done edging a fleece blanket with it.

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    Definitely! Silky fabric is irresistable. I love running it through my fingers and over my mouth or nose. It's so silky and wonderful. I've always had blankets edged in silky material and I really love them. They're the most soothing thing. They're one of my favourite childish habits and one of my most consistent.

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    Not as such anymore but I remember this pretty clearly when I was small. At this point, the appeal of smooth materials still exists but it has migrated more to diapers and plastic pants than fixing on ribbons or the like. Not that I won't cop a quick feel when I run across a piece or ribbon or the like but it's more situational rather than actively seeking it out.

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    Yea, as a child I had a blanket with a silken edge, my "Silkie". I kept that blanket until I was seven when my parents took it away. Of course in my tweens I discovered tossing off into sateen panties. I haven't fully gotten over that yet.

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    I like the feel as well. If I'm walking through a sports store and they have umbros out hanging, I have to feel the soft silky texture. My teddy bear actually wears a onsie we bought at a used baby consignment store. The back of it has a silken label, and the front has a soft overlay. I clutch my bear most of the time I'm laying in bed.

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