Things fixed/improved today:

  1. Fixed some minor bugs, such as one that caused rep to show up on user notes.
  2. Cleaned up social groups, adding a new category ("Movies & TV"), moving / renaming / deleting groups, etc.
  3. Made closed profiles inaccessible. This was done a long time ago, but stopped working during an update.
  4. Created new reporting system to detect accounts stuck in bad states, so they can be fixed.
  5. Took action to improve the quality of the RP forum.
  6. Improved member privacy, e.g: made it impossible for a male member to search for, and find, all female members of the site.

Current projects I'm thinking about:

  1. Tweaks to the rep system (making moderation easier, and DC/TC status more stable).
  2. More tweaks to the newbie experience (better guidance, changes to what information we ask for on signup to make it clear we're not a dating/meetup site, etc).
  3. Staff additions. Perhaps another person to help with articles, the greetings forum, or the requests forum. Perhaps a new form of helper for the RP and/or story forums.
  4. Better integrating the live chat with the rest of the site.