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Thread: Something I've been avoiding

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    Default Something I've been avoiding

    You know, I guess I should probably introduce myself-for some odd reason that I can't explain, I've been putting it off for a while. *looks at date joined*...a long while...

    So, I'm me. There. I did it. ^_^ *giggles*

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    A formal Welcome to you, BabyGirlBo! You've certainly not been a stranger around here. Better late than never....


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    Thanks guys! Whew, well, now that that's over and done with...*checks it off with a big red pen from a long, long list*

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    Haha! Wow. That long huh? Welcome to ADISC! XD! I'm sure you'll have (and continue to have!) fun!

    Rock on.

    E404~ <3

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    I could've sworn I saw you make an intro already.... maybe I'm thinking of someone else...

    Anyway, welcome (even if you've been here for 4 months! )

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    Hey!! Welcome...kinda...well, as Pojo said, a belated welcome...enjoy!

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