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Thread: Customizer Returns

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    Default Customizer Returns

    I am back.

    My username status has been reset to "newbie."

    I updated my blog.

    Did you all miss Custy? T_T

    I missed all y'all..

    A new avatar is coming.

    I, Customizer apologize for my destructive, immature, vindictive, vicious, insulting, offending, distasteful, disrespectful, private-information-leaking, spiteful and nasty behavior from before.

    I am a "changed" member under intense monitoring and scrutiny now.

    If any member has questions, please send me a private message or hit me up on Windows Live Messenger at [email protected]

    Thank you for allowing me to come back.

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    WB Custy. I hope you have indeed learned something from your period spent in time out. Glad to have you back... as long as you behave yourself.

    C'ya around buddy.

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    Thank you, everyone. Oh look, my regular status is back now under my username. ^^

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