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Thread: Introductions, or so it seems

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    Default Introductions, or so it seems

    Greetings and Salutations, denizens of the intewebz. It has come to my attention that I've not made a single posting, which is true and I have come rectify this error in my judgement!

    A few simple things would be that my interest in diapers, be it in relation to AB or DL traditions began in 2003 after a bed-wetting incident or two after a car accident. Luckily (or not, depending on your wishes) they seemed to only stress related, but after looking info up on diapers online in a bit of paranoia my intrigue in them and related things has only grown!

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    Greetings and Salutations, are you a heather or a veronica?

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    Hi Lazzyz,

    Tough Anthony's comment was very blunt, he is right in the sense that you haven't exactly covered all the bases in your intro. I would higly sugest reading SPDDan's intro cheat sheet, which is an awesome resource.
    But the main point is that we don't just care about the diaper, we above all else care about you. Can you tell us anything about yourself, such as a cool hobby you have (diapers don't count -_-) or a fun fact about yourself (that isn't related to diapers).
    Anyway, don't be too afraid by this response. We do tend to ask a lot out of new members, but its really only because we want to get a sense of what kind of person you are. ADISC is really a great resource, and the members here have a lot of combined life experience (not limited to stuff dealing with diapers). Not to mention we're nice most of the time :P

    Anyway, I hope to see you around lazzyz,


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    Mm I'm not sure what heather or veronica is a reference to?

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    Greetings and Salutations? Heathers? Winona Ryder and Christian Slater? .... well I guess 80s teen movies can't be on your list of interests...

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    I'd say photography is probably the most interesting hobby would have to be photagraphy, generally nature shots with a focus on the vertical aligntments so I can catch long meandering paths.

    Why do I come here, I mean its difficult to give a unqiue response other than this being a unique and neat resource to explore. If I can remember too, since I join things and forget I did, hence the lurker status in the first place.

    Other interesting things would be studying for law school as a possibility for moving myself up in the world.

    What do I hope to get out of this community/site, I have absolutely no idea on this one, but hopefully that I can figure out with more exploration.

    Quote Originally Posted by riddle View Post
    Greetings and Salutations? Heathers? Winona Ryder and Christian Slater? .... well I guess 80s teen movies can't be on your list of interests...
    Mmm nope, perhaps I did originally hear ir from that movie, though I seem to recall it being in some animated film and I've just been fond of it since.
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    It is a fun phrase to use.... ah well, see you around :-)

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    Actually Near and Anthony, I found the introduction lacking in other stuff but overall it was pretty good in the sense it focused on how he ended up here and such and was brief, it wasn't solely focused on his eccentricities. it covered the fact he was in a car crash and it led him to discovering it due to a problem that developed. I found that interesting!, one of the things I always wonder is how people ended up here ^.^. thank you for that Kartouche! and im glad you opened up and shared more about yourself as well. its good to get to know people hope to see ya around!

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