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Thread: Oblivions Raising recruiting, read for info

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    OR is investigating of, well... everything that happens in this world, like weird unexplainable stuff like ghosts and such, the more members I get around the world the more we connect with other countrys, and soon we shall take over the world! Muahahahaha, J/K on that part, but anyways I need more members, I am currently the world-wide commander of OR. I run my own section, the World Wide Division,

    The color codes of the keyrings and what they mean

    Red Captain Rank, highest rank avalible
    Purple Lieutiant Rank, below captain rank
    Orange Sargent Rank, below lieutiant rank.
    no keyring rank Private Rank, lowest rank.

    If you need any more info, please ask, I would apperichate the officers of the website to be a part of OR, <including Moo ^^>

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    I just talked to Isaac and I got some info out of him, <im good like that ^^>
    Squad - type - name - Color
    1 - Strength - Fire - Red
    2 - Defense - Steel - Black
    3 - Speed - Lightning - Yellow
    4 - Medical - Grass - Green <The captain of this division is AuronJohnson>
    5 - Balance/spiritual - ice - Light Blue
    6 - Strategy - Water - Dark Blue <The captain of this division is my friend Hikaru>
    7 - Stamina - Wind - Purple < my friend Jason is leader of this division, I am 2nd in command in stamina>
    8 - Training - Rock - Brown

    I am currently getting division 9 sorted out.
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    Please excuse my possible ignorance- but what does ranking, or stats have to do with explaining ghosts? AM I missing something here?

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    *cues X-Files theme*

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chromos View Post
    Please excuse my possible ignorance- but what does ranking, or stats have to do with explaining ghosts? AM I missing something here?
    Its just a little way of saying how important a person is to us, if your non-rank your probably gonna be field work, if your a Sargent, there is a bigger chance of you telling people what to do, Lieutiant rank means I tell sarges to do certain things and I can make orders and stuff, Captains make sure the section is going on right an' all, the section Sun and Moon are 2 different sections, each ran by 2 members, a captain and a Co-Captain,

    The relevance of this rating system is to have classified work to certain groups of people.

    also, no one under 9 can be in this <sowwy> and no one under 13 can do the field work like investigating... <again, sowwy>...

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    Is this a for real thing, or like a game? Interesting either way really..

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    I don't get how this works and the concept behind it... I mean I'd participate if I knew what I was s'pose to be doing...

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    its for real, its basically Ghost-hunting and targeting superstitons and stuff, ^^

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