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Thread: im john and im a diaper lover

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    Default im john and im a diaper lover

    my earliest memories that i recal i could be a diaper lover, where when i was grown out of them. But they were still in the house. I got one out the bottom cupboard and opened the diaper out. i think i mustve been super hard at the time, but didnt understand why. I couldnt put it on because 1. i didnt know how to, and 2. i mustve been worried about what would happen if mom found out.

    Now 20+ years later, i have tena slip maxi diapers and love them.

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    That's great, and welcome to adisc, but what else do you enjoy besides diapers?

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    Hi John,

    I'm sure the Tena slip maxi are indeed amazing. However, there is more than just diapers to ADISC: we are a community of individuals and we like to know more about our members that there diaper wearing habits. You don't have to give any personal information, but it would be very, very appreciated if you told us about things you like outside of diapers (such as hobbies). SPDDan has written this great guide about introductions, and I suggest you read it.

    In any case, its always nice to see new members here ^^


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