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Thread: what would you do if you haed a kid he or she likes diapers

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    Default what would you do if you haed a kid he or she likes diapers

    what would you do if you head a kid around 12 years old cum up to you and say (ha Mom/dad I like to wear diapers.)?

    I my saith would let he or she know that I love them no mater what and as long it it don't git in the way of school I well be OK with it that and he or she have to stay Thar room if Thar wearing.

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    I guess what I would do would depend on the reason, if the child had a bladder problem or bed wetting problem or something like that, I would probably be guessing this is why the child is wanting to wear a diaper.

    Although if the child had no exact problems at all, I guess I would wonder what is up, even though I admit I had thought of wearing diapers before but then for a time didn't want to anymore, but then decided to try going for it and all that, and I determined that I actually liked wearing them too, although I haven't worn them in awhile though.

    But yeah you do pose a good question but I would still love my child even if the child wishing to wear a diaper had no medical reason for needing to do so (plus some people do feel safe in diapers).

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    Well, I am not a parent and I do not plan on becoming one in the foreseeable future, so this thread is doubly speculative for me. I, however, do know what I would have liked my parents to do (in hindsight, when I was 12 I was really confused about the whole diaper thing...): give emotional and logistical support while answering any question they might have to the best of my ability and not actively participate under any circumstance.

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