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    Unhappy Need serious help

    Hi I just signed up Im 11 yrs old and My name is private so just call me Lost or Nove. Anyway Ever sence i was like uhmm.. Ever sence i was five or four cant remeber I wanted to wear or try on a diaper I dont wanna be treated like a baby really but anyway.. I dream almost every night about diapers and me peeing in them even thow when i wake up im dry so yeah Its about to drive me crazy and i really wanna try on a diaper If I told my mom she would think Im starge or a pervert trust me Ik her even thow shes very nice and not strict shr would just luagh.. .-. I live like a mile away from a store or mabey two and Ofc i cant drive im 11 and Im not aloud to go out of sight of my mom and cant ride a baike by myself and if i could she would have to be able to see me or it would me right in front of my house. Im about to go crazy and when i read storys about diaper etc I almost pee my pants even when i see or think about diapers and Its to embaracing to tell my councler and if i did tell him he would of course tell my mom and i dont wanna sneak something i would eventualy get caught probaly etc and last night i dreamed about stealing a diaper ._. pls help me I rly wanna wear a diaper but i dont want my friends to know nor my mom

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    11 year olds aren't born in 1988.

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