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Thread: Want to play Advance Wars?

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    Default Want to play Advance Wars?

    Anyone here play it a lot? I guess I can say it's become one of my favorite game series.

    Anyone want to play? There are two different ways (three, but the third is almost completely unbearable (extremely laggy)...VBALink with a ROM)

    First, if you have Days of Ruin, then we can play on DS over wifi. I haven't yet, but I'd like to sometime.

    Second, there's Custom Wars. It's a fan-made Advance Wars game with online play. They even created some of their own COs and new units. It includes a map creator too. Also, if you don't want to finish a game in one session, then you can quit and come back to it the next day or whenever. No DS/ROM/emulation necessary. It's a computer game programmed in java.

    Wait....technically, there's a fourth way, but it's not really Advance Wars. It's Weewar. And... they have a stupid premium account system (premium members get access to more units. right around when they did that was when I quit playing. You don't even get air or sea units without pro!) I can invite people to this (I think? not sure if I have any invites) and play, but I'd rather play Custom Wars or Days of Ruin.

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    Come on....
    Someone? Anyone?
    There's a lot of people on this forum... no one wants to play?
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    I have those, I would play, but I have no network, and my cable, it does not exist.

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    We can play Custom Wars! It's just a fan-made java Advance Wars game for PC (runs in a small window). Wouldn't that work?

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    Out of all the people that come here.... so many.... no one wants to play?
    Mr Alex? You still want to give it a try?

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    Eh, sure. I'll go get out my copy of Days of Ruin. What's your friend code? Mine's 1289-7350-5533.
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    Double posting is BAD.

    ESPECIALLY twice in a row, just because people aren't interested.

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    DarkSun, you're not a mod. By they way, I waited a few days until it dropped off the first page. I didn't make 50 posts in one day out of impatience or anything like that. I think this is usually fine.

    Sunni, thanks! I'll get my friend code later. Eating dinner now.

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    I don't need to be a mod to tell you that double posting is bad, do I?

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    Is it hurting you? No. So don't worry about it. And like I said, I wasn't being unreasonable. Besides, you're kinda derailing the topic.... not exactly a good thing to do either.

    And if anyone else wants to play, please let me know.

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