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    Hello there. I'm Robert. Mathematician and leftwing activist. Apparently I registered an account a while ago and then got bored sometime during email verification.

    I'm currently undecided about this website. On the one hand maybe it would be nice to discuss my fetish without "Suzi_Gurl_92" interrupting with her lurid tales of being fed laxatives by her evil babysitting stepmother at summer camp communion. On the other hand, without seeking to offend [haven't read ADISC much yet], no diaper-focused message board has thus far amazed me with its intelligent and thoughtful users. Maybe it's a regression thing, people are posting as their four-year-old-with-downs-syndrome personas for kicks. Do smart people not have this fetish? Or, more likely, do they just keep quiet about it?

    The rules seem very against being `creepy', which is nice. But looking through the dozen stickied topics it seems some of you are trying a little too hard. Taking the `not-creepy' baton and running with it... into territory best described as `a bit creepy'. Surely the whole premise of this website is a bit creepy? Unavoidably the common link between us all is that we like wanking in diapers or whatever. Fetish communities are creepy practically by definition... You can try and convince yourself it's normal till your blue in the face, but at the end of the day almost everyone else on the planet thinks wearing diapers for pleasure is weird. And creepy.

    OK then do your worst. In my defense I did actually read the `Tutorial: 'Cheat Sheet' to a Great Introduction' and it said nothing about being rude

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    Well being rude is one thing. Being a troll is another, and from what I read, you're not a troll.

    ADISC isn't as.. silly and creepy as other forums. We actually have rules. A concept other forums have not yet heard of!

    Enjoy your stay.

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    Hello Bob.

    Welcome to ADISC. I think that you'll be pleasantly suprised. ADISC may be a community of fetishists (though I'd argue that infantilim isn't necessarily sexual), but that does not mean that the fetish is the central focus of the site. It's in many way a perfectly normal dicussion board. The members just happen to share an abnormal interest. The rules against "creepiness" are precisely what keep it a normal discussion board. One can discuss a "creepy" subject politely, and I'd argue that it is the very lack of civility and order on most fetish forums that make them so creepy. Do remember that this is as much a support group as anything else, and we aim to help people deal with the stresses their inclinations cause them. Especially younger members.

    As for intelligent and thoughtful users? Peruse the mature topics section - it's mature as in "politics and philosophy", not mature as in "porn".

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    Trust me, there are quite a few on ADISC that aren't wanking off the Jane Rottencrotch in a diaper. That said, there are some incontinent members, such as I.

    I have to say one thing though, having a fetish is completely normal. Everyone knows about fetishes, whether it'd be a foot, spider, BDSM; the public knows about those things, but, who's to disclose about them?


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