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Thread: Which movie/novel do think is better... Lord of the rings or Harry Potter

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    Default Which movie/novel do think is better... Lord of the rings or Harry Potter

    Lately I've been getting into arguments about this topic with one of my best friends...

    She is kind of arrogant to the thought of

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    Lord of the rings being superior...

    So I was wondering...
    What do you guys think??

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    It's a bit difficult to compare them. Lord the Rings is epic fantasy, while Harry Potter is essentially children's fantasy. Both Tolkien and Rowling were very succesful at creating believable worlds, but I'd say that Middle-Earth is more fleshed out than wizarding Britain. As a work of literature, I'd have to go with Lord of the Rings. As a well-written story - probably Harry Potter.

    Lord of the Rings does have the advantage of being fifty years older than Harry Potter, and of being regarded as the archetypal (if not prototypical) fantasy novel.

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    Books: Harry Potter > Lord of the Rings
    Movies: Lord of the Rings > Harry Potter

    The Harry Potter movies don't stick to the script, and tend to have a lot of continuity errors near the end, and it completely defeats the immersion. Lord of the Rings sticks to the script... which sounds good at first, but that means that there is so much unnecessary detail used in the novels that you can fit it all into a movie. Let's put this into perspective: The first Harry Potter book was around 200 pages, and even then it couldn't be condensed into an hour and a half film without cutting out whole chapters and events. To compare, Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring is 480 pages, I believe it is written in a smaller font, and it was fairly accurately summed up in just short of three hours. The book is at the very least twice is long, probably more, but so much of that is just describing the setting and insignificant details that could have been left to the imagination that I found it translated better into a film (wherein it takes two seconds to walk two steps, rather than read about each individual footfall so a five minute stroll takes two hours to read).

    Honestly, I couldn't even sit through the Lord of the Rings books because I'd be reading for ten minutes and nothing would have happened. He would have spied an interesting looking blade of grass or something. Harry Potter, on the other hand, I have read multiple times, and am currently reading the seventh a third time. In terms of movies, I've watched the Lord of the Rings movies multiple times, but I find the Harry Potter movies fairly forgettable. Half the time they don't even seem like a community of witches and wizards, but more like regular teenagers that happen to have extraordinary abilities. The books construct their own reality, whereas the film tries to force reality to suit the plot. reality does not approve.

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    Why? I mean, it has everything that Harry potter does, in terms of messages, and then some. On a larger scale, and better done.

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    Well, they are both fairly bad.

    But LoTR is much, much better. Harry Potter is just... oh dear Lord.

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    Harry Potter. I like the books and movies a lot, and with LOTR I only like the movies.

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    Having read them both, they're not all that comparable. They're both fantasy, there is magic and wizards, but that's it. One deals with children, and the other with hairy footed adults who happen to be the size of children.

    I thought Lord of the Rings trilogy was actually boring in places. I thought Harry in the sixth book was a whiny jerk. They both have their good points and bad points.

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    I have read them both, and seen the movies. For me, LOTR is the better of the two, without question.

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    I have read Harry Potter all the way through on more than one occasion, there is only one other series I've done that for and that was H2G2, Lord of the Rings is a hard read to start with, ok it's all there in Tolkien's head, as you can see from all his drawings and doodles surrounding the books, but I couldn't picture the shire without re reading the paragraph so I never made it as far as finding out about the ring before I gave up. So in terms of read ability I'd have to say Harry Potter, it eases you in nice and gently and builds up your reading skill as the books and plots develop.

    The Lord of the Rings movies, I watched The Fellowship of the Ring and it made sense to me as a movie, the story line had some thing's I didn't fully understand and I suppose the books may have had the answers like Gandelf falling down inside the mines and appearing at the top of a mountain. The Two Towers I fell asleep part way through the movie on two occasions, before I finally watched it and it's not particularly memorable. Finally, The Return of the King I got threw in one attempt, and there are some very exiting pieces of story in there but that doesn't mean I understand it, maybe at some point I'll rewatch them and it'll make more sense but that day isn't today.

    The Harry Potter movies, since I read and loved the books before their respective movies came out, I noticed every single deviation from the story line and the plot holes that needed to be avoided in later movies, and for the first 5 movies these really annoyed me. Now I sit there in the cinema and laugh at the mistakes and the jokes that they caused much to the dismay of those around me. And the series hasn't finished yet so I don't think the movies (at least for me) are comparable

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