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Thread: Living in student accommodation/flatshare as a DL, how is it?

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    Default Living in student accommodation/flatshare as a DL, how is it?

    Hello, I will be moving to London, UK soon, I will be studying and living iether in student accommodation or a flatshare. I'm a DL and I'd like to continue my fetish in private while still having a good social life with other students etc. Anyone here in the same situation? How do you cope with it? I'm sure DL isn't socially acceptable there either.

    EDIT: Sorry, this may be in the wrong section of the forum.

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    When I first started university I lived in student accommodation, and then for the last 3 years have shared a house with other students. The key, really, is to keep it discreet and private. If you are living in student accommodation you will probably have a key to your room as well as to your halls/house. If this is the case make sure you hide your diapers well out of sight, and if you are wearing be sure that you lock your door so nobody catches you out. In my house we had somewhat of an open door policy, where if someone was home and in their room they could expect to have others drop by unexpectedly. For this reason I mostly stuck to wearing overnight and with my door shut and made sure diapers were very well hidden so that nobody was going to see them. Dispose of used diapers asap to avoid any smells. I would usually take my used diapers out to the outdoor bins along with the bag of rubbish in the kitchen - this will get you added bonus points with your housemates and will make taking your trash out less suspicious.

    If you don't have a lock on your room then, depending on your set-up, you may have to be more careful about when you wear. If you live in a house where people are likely to come into your room unannounced then I would either keep your wearing to a time you're unlikely to be disturbed (such as overnight) or make sure that it is well hidden, such as under thick, baggy trousers. Again, keep your diapers well hidden, if possible you may want to consider keeping them locked up, for example in a suitcase with a padlock attached.

    You said that you want to continue your fetish in private, and so long as that is the only place you practice it I don't really see any reason why anybody else should have to find out. Obviously don't wear around your housemates or leave diapers lying around where they might be seen, and nobody should suspect a thing.

    Good luck with your new life as a London student!

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    It will turn out just fine, as long as you plan it in advance. Good luck!

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    If your in halls and your door has a lock on it it's easier to continue doing DL stuff providing you are discreet obviously. A flat share might be more difficult but I'm not in one of those until next year, I'm guessing it would be just like living it home with parents tbh.

    I rarely do AB/DL stuff here myself just because I don't want to get caught and lose all my friends (I'm not really into doing stuff at the moment anyway which is probably a bonus).

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    I'm in a house share with 3 other people and i've never had a problem. The main thing to remember is just do it at night in your room - if you go into the livingroom, dressed up and watching cartoons you tend to just ask for trouble and run too much risk of getting caught, there is very little routine in student houses - people come and go as they want.

    However, like babyjess said, if your door is closed you can get away with it as people do knock and usually, there will be some sort of lock on your door anyway.

    Don't stress about it! Once you're settled you'll be able to figure out the routine by yourself and if your lucky, you'll be living with friends anyway - and that always helps as atleast then you can just say you have 'night time problems' and they'll be sympathetic, rather than judgemental.

    Good luck! XXX

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    I find that wearing is not the problem, it's disposing. Especially since it's not a big apartment, just four guys in a house. It's not hard to notice what people are throwing away. So I tend to only put my diapers in the trash when it would fill a bag, and I tie it closed, so no one's going look at it.

    If you lived in an apartment with a garbage chute, it would be much easier to deal with.

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    Its easy really. I do the trash bag thing too and only wear at night. Just keep your stash hidden really well so any mates who might randomly walk into your room looking for something to borrow dont find them. I have however made onesies acceptable in the house now but thats the advantage of living with girls! Good luck with your move and enjoy it - its said to be that uni is the best time of your life!

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    im glad i didnt choose halls i have my own place in a block of 8 sepreate flats so i can wear whenever i like only trouble is i have a friend who regularly pops around as he lives just down the corridor

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    Quote Originally Posted by deano13 View Post
    im glad i didnt choose halls
    I dunno halls are a pretty amazing place to live, you may not be able to indulge like you want but the whole social thing more than makes up for it IMO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pajamakitten View Post
    I whole social thing more than makes up for it IMO.
    Yes i agree i wished i had chosen halls sometimes its so lonely im going halls next year though

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