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Thread: Back from being site blocked :)

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    Default Back from being site blocked :)

    I have been gone for a while now. I didn't mean to be, but something happened with this site for my computer. I don't know what it was, but it kept saying this site was not findable. It sucked because I just finished chapter 3 of the story I am writing and was never able to post it.

    I tried so hard to find out how to get back on this site. I even found out the router pasword so I could figure out if my mom and dad somehow know about this site. But nothing was blocking me from the site, from my house that is. At first, I thought it was the whole site that was down(that would have sucked), but then I tryed the site at school. It worked fine. Because I coulden't have a private place to actualy get on this site, I gave up on the story.

    And a month or so later after typing in this site so many times in my web browser, it worked. Now here I am still wondering what the heak kept me from this site. But basicly I am back for anyone who remebers me. Hope to get back into the form and gain back the rep I probaly lost. Oh and I am posting the 3rd chaper to Furry Dimention today so if you wanna read it, it's there.

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    That's really odd.
    Well, if the site is down, the IRC chat won't be. You can access that outside adisc. You just have to remember we are on the blitzed network and the channel is called #adisc. To you can go to sites like mibbit and join in and get assistance or share with others your grief of missing adisc.

    Probably worth spending a little bit of tine investing in that.

    But welcome back.

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