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Thread: Fear of Men

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    Default Fear of Men

    Bad title but best i could think of at the time. Basically thought it'd be worth sharing this as it is both sad and a good warning. It is an opinion piece and not fact, but I'd have a hard time not believing it seeing how our society tends to be....stupid.

    Why does it apply here? Well, besides being worthwhile to talk about imo, its a warning to be careful where you go and what you do when you want to regress in public (Not that you shouldn't have already). A trip to the park could turn into a visit with some cops. It could apply to playing with younger siblings or relatives if your parents/family are, err, heavy hype consumers (nicest thing i could say).

    Hopefully some of the above made sense

    Lenore Skenazy: Eek! A Male! -

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    This reminds me of a case last year in Florida where a teenage boy was almost prosecuted for helping a lost child in a store.

    It's just sad that society thinks that all men with children are paedophiles and that all women are innocent with children. Because, seriously, there are more female pedos out there than we want to believe. :/

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shukkume View Post
    It's just sad that society thinks that all men with children are paedophiles and that all women are innocent with children. Because, seriously, there are more female pedos out there than we want to believe. :/
    People will never believe that though, just like how the courts are more willing to give children (in a custody dispute) to a terrible mother then a great father. Off-topic in a way, but there was an argument on a radio show earlier if girls can actually have fetishes (apparently that is somehow impossible according to the hosts Oo)

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    If a woman walks around a playground and takes pictures, she's an artist. If a man does the same thing, he's a criminal.
    Sexism will never disappear...

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    Sexism is on both sides of the spectrum.

    Examples: It's acceptable for a woman to babysit a child; but if a man applies, he is always unfit, one hundred percent of the time.
    A man can apply for a job that involves maintenance and expect to get it. A woman would have a difficult time. It's a man's profession, right?

    But why? Why is a woman always "responsible" to look after a child, but if a man volunteers he's suddenly a "creep?"

    Racism is wrong, but sexism is acceptable?

    Personally, I have no feeling towards what person, no matter what gender, does what.

    I find somethings a bit out of the ordinary, like my second example (woman + mechanic), but that doesn't mean she's not fit to do the job. The only reason I find it out of the ordinary is because you barely see that sort of thing. The reason being the subject at hand: sexism.

    It'll never go away, which is just.. sad.

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    Actually, this concept is lampshaded in an episode of Friends. It's called "The One With The Male Nanny", S9E6.

    Quick summary: Ross and Rachel are looking to hire a nanny to watch Emma. The absolute perfect candidate, Sandy, applies for the job. Plays a recorder to lull a child to sleep, has a large network of positive references, and even has tips on home solutions for better skin care for the baby. Oh wait, Sandy is a male. Ross does not approve.

    Completely on topic:

    Ross: Oh, come on, Rach, he's a guy!
    Rachel: So what..? He's smart, he's qualified. Give me one good reason we shouldn't try him out.
    Ross: Because, it's weird!
    Rachel: Why?
    Ross: What kind of job is that for a man? A nanny? I-It's like if a woman wanted to be...
    Rachel: Yes?
    Ross: King?

    In fact, while sexism is slowly being broken down for woman, as we as a society see more female construction workers, there is no reverse effect where there are more males taking on nurturing professions. They are simply not allowed.

    If you don't want to bother watching the episode of Friends, it ends with:

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    That Friends episode also jumped to my mind...

    I have no idea why we're paedo obsessed. It just has to be the newspapers, and news on TV... the rules should be a lot more strict!

    It's funny how quickly it all changes too; there's baby pictures of me naked on a beach, which seems really odd now.

    However, I'll be an optimist and say that things will change. The 'Fear of Men' will become newsworthy in itself, and people will rethink their prejudices. There's more reporting of female paedophiles now (seems like quite a lot in the last couple of years), which certainly kills the idea that only men can be paedos. Even the government are doing some things... for example making it easier for men to become primary school teachers than women.
    (Teaching is a profession I've considered, but I'd never ever want to teach in primary schools because of this kind of thing)

    Rules about how the news can report sensational stories should be tightened; the damaging effect on society that it has should be acknowledged. 'Women's rights' should be replaced with 'equal rights', with the rights of men getting more political attention.

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    I must admit, I giggled at this:

    Last February, a woman followed a man around at a store berating him for clutching a pile of girls' panties. "I can't believe this! You're disgusting. This is a public place, you pervert!" she said—until the guy, who posted about the episode on a website, fished out his ID. He was a clerk restocking the underwear department.

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    Man cannot simply touch a pair of panties.
    Women can wear men's clothes.

    I hope that woman was embarrassed.

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    This is the reason I laugh at and mock feminists. Should we start up a masculinst group now? We are being oppressed after all.

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