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    Default Shameless Podcast Plug

    For those who are interested, I recently launched an ABDL related podcast, mainly because I couldn't find any to listen to already out there. If there is enough interest, I plan on perusing it further, including hosting it on my own website and such. Right now I'm just testing the waters with the first episode. Here is EP 1.

    Corner Time - Download free podcast episodes by CornerTimePodcast on iTunes.

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    This is a neat idea, and I look forward to hearing it. Unfortunately, due to limited bandwidth, I can't download it at the moment. Could you summarize it?

    I like the name, by the way.. it's cute :P

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    Basically this ep. is just me explaining the main reasons behind me being an AB, and a little bit of my history with it. Nothing too spectacular, but something that doesn't come to light much.

    I appreciate the interest

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    I listened to your podcast. I would just suggest better organization. Type out an outline.

    It is a very good idea. Keep working on it! Good job!

    Pats below your diaper line very firmly!!!

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    Thank you!

    I'm working on the next ep, and I think it will be more focused, and hopefully more organized. Should be up within a week or so.

    *blushes and giggles*

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    Podcasts are great. I currently listen to or watch 16 different ones each week. Some of them daily. It's an easier way to digest the information that matters most... like the independent reporting from Democracy Now or Leo Laporte on TWiT or the intelligent journalist (and writer) Tom Merritt on Revision3's Top 5. Now I can add a podcast dealing with the nature of my diaper fetish! I'll keep subscribed if you keep one making them... weekly? Bi-weekly?

    On a side note, if you plan doing this podcast long term, might I suggest Libsyn. They host any audio podcast for as little as $5, with the possibility to get sponsored. And they even will create an iOS app for your podcast. I don't podcast myself, but many podcasters that I listen to swear by them.

    I will be enjoying the show!

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    Oh, and one more thing... PLEASE get a better microphone. Your voice is too low, and appears to come from the right-hand side of my speakers. There are cheap, better microphones out there. Like this one.

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    I really appreciate the feedback and the suggestions.

    I, as well, follow about a dozen podcasts both for news and entertainment, which is why I chose the podcast route, rather than a blog or series of articles.

    As of now, the future is up in the air, which is why both my host and my microphone are sub par. I don't want to go sinking money into something that could just fizzle out in a week, especially being a college student and not having a lot of extra money to play with, so right now I'm using a free host and a cheap old mic.

    College also plays into the low voice and and unplanned schedule. The walls are pretty thin around the dorms, so I try to keep unwanted excess noise off the pod, and to keep my secret identity out of the halls at the same time. As for scheduling, my workload changes week to week, where some weeks I barely have time to sleep, and others I have plenty of free time. I can promise to put out at least a pod a month, (ideally one every two weeks, though) but I can't promise days or times when they will be up.

    As of now, the next one should be up before the end of the work week.

    All of these things will be resolved with more suggestions and time. The longer I do this, the more refined it will get, and hopefully the better it will be for everyone. Hope everyone can bear with me until I can get a solid fan base and turn this little experiment into a show.


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    Looks neat, I'll give it a listen! There are very few abdl podcasts that manage to continue consistently getting out there, so I'm really glad you started this. Does anyone else know of any podcasts (recent ones) that cover similar topics?

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