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Thread: Online Mommies/Daddies?

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    Default Online Mommies/Daddies?

    Well, I noticed that a lot of members have "Adopted" or "Adopted by" so and so in their siggies, so I figured, hey! Maybe this would be a good spot to ask about this! Hope it is, anyway, tehe.

    How many of you are involved in online relationships, particularly with someone who is (or only is) your mommy or daddy as well?

    I found myself getting swept up into one with a nice Canadian fellow a few months ago. We managed to spend one week together so far. We had already known each other for a few years beforehand, but didn't really talk terribly much until a bit before we began dating. And a while after that ageplay was mentioned, and diapers followed afterwards. Being the curious busybee I've always been, I researched about adult diapers and stumbled onto ABDL and finally understood why people wore diapers for play. And I accepted that I didn't have to keep my fantasies of being diapered and babied secret forever. Eee~

    I rather like idea of being a baby girl. I've always been childish and I'm in love with the pacifiers, diapers, and baby clothes. But yeah. XD It feels right to me. But for him, he hasn't even heard of ABDL before I told him about it. He says he likes being called daddy and being daddy and has even put a diaper on me in person. But he still doesn't know what to do, really, and I'm unsure what to do to help when we do try baby stuff. I feel like I get too coy to really regress, and pull back in embarrassment when does give daddying a try. Urr.

    Eep. I wrote a lot. Well! Uhh-- any advice on that is...greatly welcomed! And any experiences you have with online caretakers that you'd like to share would be greatly nice, too! Thank you. ^^;

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    Sometimes I roleplay with people about it, but I don't have like a permanent one...I think I would rather have a real one than an online one though...I do act childish with people a lot though (online that is), but I wouldn't say that they are my caretaker or anything

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    I've got someone IRL to take care of.

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    Well I have had one mommy in the past and I have been a Daddy countless times. I enjoy both, but I enjoy being a daddy for a cute baby girl a bit more than being babied myself.

    Anyways thats besides the point. Here is a good place to show him, so he better understand who you are, and what you like. It would be best to sit down with him and have him read through it with you there, so you can answer any qestions he might have. But this site explains ALL aspects of infantilism, including dl, tb/ab, sissy, and pretty much every other little detail. So you need to make sure to point out what part applies to you and what part does not apply to you. I beleive it explains about daddys and mommys to so that could help him out too. Well anyways here is the link...(in fact the creator of this site is a member here, he is a very nice guy, I talked to him myself)...

    Understanding Infantilism

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    My boyfriend and I switch, one day he's the daddy and then next I am.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kenshin Himura View Post
    My boyfriend and I switch, one day he's the daddy and then next I am.
    Sounds fair, then you get the best of both worlds

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    I agree with Eclipse on this one-have him read up on it, and be careful not to be too pushy-when he's comfortable, he'll be more willing to get his feet wet with the whole idea. (pun NOT intended)

    The "Adopted" thing, I think, is merely a way of forming friendships and ties to people on the site-it doesn't necessarily imply a Mommy/Daddy/Baby relationship, though, it's not to say that it doesn't happen. I'm sure there is at least one couple on here who are together, and "Adopted".

    ...umm...I hope this answered your question! ^_^

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    Eee, thank you for the replies!

    I talked to my fellow about the site and we'll take a look at it together sometime. We had a long, honest, talk a little while ago, so I'm hoping things will feel better.

    I'll try not to be pushy with him, too. XD I've been trying to get him to push back if I get a little too out of hand~ I guess for the most part I need to stop getting shy and embarrassed once he's finally trying to get into it and baby talk to me over the phone and stuff. Haa.

    Also, Babygirlbo, thank you for clearing up the adopted thing for me. ^_^

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    Well I've had 2 daddies... neither one really worked out for me, and both were considerably older than myself. I'd rather have someone in person, anyways. I'd rather just wait it out and find the right person, than pick some random dude off the net.

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    Footed P.J.


    *spreads around my random dudeness*

    If I were intesrested in a relationship with lots of RP in it, I'd rather do it in person. The physical is important.

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