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    As some of you know, my particular kink related to AB/DL is around the humiliation component - being compelled (or compelling someone else) to wear diapers, with associated accessories, as a form of punishment for bad behavior (or "accidents"). Our ageplay typically places the one being disciplined at around age 5-8.

    I have lots of ideas for creative ways to go about the whole exercise, and have used many of them with my wife over the course of the couple months we have been experimenting. However, I have to figure a good many of you are full of scenarios you have already tried and found successful, or ideas that you're dying to try the next opportunity you get to dom/be dommed (is that a word?).

    So hit me. Give me some ideas for fun and playful ways to:

    - Start the scenario (creative reasons why such a punishment is being doled out.
    - Have the playing itself - sore spot for me here - fun ways to enhance the "torment" aspect beyond the usual (paci, bottle, feeding) suspects.

    Things that we're immediately not into:

    - Anything involving feces. Neither of us have the stomach for that.
    - S&M beyond the basic barehand/barebutt spanking.

    (I'm hoping this isn't too "R" rated for the AB section of the forum. If it is, I apologize in advance.)

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    I don't think ADISC is the right forum to basically as for sex ideas. You'd be better off asking that question in an adult-only forum, but not on ADISC, which is accessible by minors. I can't see how people could reply to this thread without quickly getting into sexual activities, so I'll close this thread before it starts going into the direction of illegal.

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