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  • I have never even thought about it.

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  • I have contemplated suicide, but not really considered doing it.

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  • I have contemplated suicide, seriously.

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  • I am suicidal.

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Thread: Suicide

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    Default Suicide

    Have you ever contemplated suicide, or seriously thought about committing it?
    Just curious...

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    Seriously once.

    I confessed to an older member of my family about my suicidal thoughts, who then gave me an aggressive verbal lecture about how selfish & inconsiderate I was being to think of such a silly thing, needless to say I've never thought about the idea of suicide since. Looking back I realize how stupid I was being.

    I think everyone has or will contemplate suicide at some point in their lives.

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    I've imagined it a million times, never in any sort of serious way though.

    But anyway... This is a very strange thread. Are you depressed? Are YOU seriously thinking about committing it?

    If not, then I'm not sure what replies you are expecting... seems like a rather dark thread, and I wouldn't expect many proper responses, especially with this being a public forum.

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    I thought about it a couple times when I was super depressed, but I never once try to do it.

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    I've never really thought about it... the concept just seems way too dramatic and selfish for my own tastes. There's help available for any problem you may be suffering, I wouldn't see why anyone wouldn't save the heartache and take it.

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    I've tried on two occations. I ended up regretting it the last second and stopped it, I am in the middle. I'm not sure if I would call myself suicidal at this time - but I voted it since I felt it is the thing that seems the most "me". Don't tell me to see a shrink or something like that. Even though it might seem a little extreme I know what I'm doing.

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    I succeeded at it...Not really, nor have I tried it...The only time I think I would seriously think about doing it, is if I went blind...

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    I've never thought about committing it.
    I can't imagine my life will end by my hand in a such extreme manner.
    And simply I can't imagine a world without ME.

    I think suicide can't stop your pain and you are a looser if you have decided to give up your life.

    And I know that if you commit suicide but fail, will be trouble for you.
    An example, I know if you kill yourself jumping under the underground your parents must pay for the suspension of public service caused by the removal of your body and other police things, but if you live you must pay.

    I remeber a passage from Dante's "Divina commedia" where he sais that all suicidal, in the hell, becomes a tree. During the judgement day, all dead will receive a new body to live in, but not suicidal; their new body will hanging from the tree because in their past life they weren't respectful of their own body and life.

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    I've imagined it. I've thought OF it but I've never considered doing it. I'm a pretty dark person at times... and I have through a few depression episodes (one quite major), but even then I never dared seriously considered committing suicide.

    There are other ways of handling problems. There are ways of getting help. Whatever the cause is of those thoughts, there is likely a remedy for.

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    I thought of it when I was deeply depressed but my friends helped me relise that it was a bad idea and haven't thought of it since.

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