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    Hello my name is CHEL i am an AB/DL i typically am in my terrrible 2's and very immature for my age [...] I don't get to wear that often becuase of work school and friend living with me (UGH) but the night I am home (mostly work nights) I sleep with Teddy (an old teddy bear) and a binkie (pacifier). I love to watch cartoons and my all time fav was lambchop but sadly all my tapes broke from watching so much. [removed content. Read the rules - this is NOT A DATING FORUM!]

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    Hello Chel,

    Welcome to Adisc. That was a very enthusiastic wave, which is great. However, just so you know adisc is not a dating site - because the site caters to minors (age 13+) as well as adults it is not appropriate having members using the site as a place to find potential mummies/daddies etc or to try and meet up with people. Not allowing personal ads etc helps keep both minors and adults safe. Including a personal email address in your posts is also not permitted, so you may wish to remove it before a staff member gets to it. You may wish to take a look at these links, which will help give you a clearer picture of what adisc is all about, in order to ensure that adisc is the right ab/dl website for you:

    Anyway, now that hopefully you've read a little more about adisc you may see that your introduction reads a little too much like a personal ad - we are almost all interested in diapers here, and many of us are ABs, so we would be much more interested about getting to know the side of you that isn't in her terrible twos. When you are not being little, what are your interests? Do you have any hobbies?

    You may wish to take a look at this cheat sheet, written by one of our Staff members, Spddan, which contains a great guide to writing a great introduction:

    That way we can get to know the adult side to Chel as well as the little one


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    I will keep this brief, since I am on my phone, its my lunch break and my mood isn't the best.

    If this thread is not locked, then at the very least parts of your post will be edited (your email address will be removed, for example).

    So before the mods comme around, I'd like to offer up some advice: Near's three step program to reach respectability on ADISC. Its as easy as 1, 2, 3!

    1. Read the rules. The rules are a sticky in the intro forum.
    2. Lurk the board to get a feel for our culture.
    3. Read SPDDan's amazing intro cheat sheet (also a sticky in the intro forum) and use it to post a (real) intro.

    If all you want is to find a mommy, then please make it easier on everyone and go look elsewhere. Otherwise, I hope we'll meet again, under more pleasant circumstances.

    Have a good day,


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