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    So I'll say it. I've been cheating on Adisc .
    I've had the account on for a couple years now, but never used it until a couple days ago. I signed up for a month of the upgraded membership and have talked with a few ppl so far.

    But my question is has anyone else ever used it? And what were your results? I've pretty much ruled out that I can't have a normal relationship (I don't like the odds with telling a "normal" gf/bf about this) and would like to try a relationship that already starts with AB/DLism.

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    I have used it, and IMO the site kinda... sucks. Just in the ways its formatted. It's really not a user-friendly site. I'm really annoyed because I tried to sign up for the 1 month upgrade about 9 months ago and instead it signed me up for the 1 year - which cost me a lot (at 18 I don't have a lot of money)
    I didn't have any success, ended up finding a girl in the real-world a couple of months later and 6 months later - she knows about the AB/DL stuff to an extent and she doesn't mind it. All the while I'm still having to pay for that mishap all those months ago

    I'm sure others have had a positive experience, otherwise the site wouldn't be so big, but I just really didn't like how the site was designed and how it was counter-intuitive a large amount of the time, in terms of accessing your profile/searching for...well anything and a few other minor issues

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    tried many years ago, and again a couple years ago, it's a sister site to adultfriendfinder, and frankly, both of them suck. (and they both want lots of $$ for any decent functionality)
    stay away, stay far far away..

    my $0.02

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    I've never tried it. But don't give up on having a normal relationship. I knew the woman who eventually became my wife for a couple of years before we started "dating". As we got to know each other better, she began to mention things about people she knew who were gay and who were crossdressers. She confided in me that she was totally fascinated by men dressed in female clothing. When I was sure that she meant it, I admitted to her that I was one of those men. About the same time I told her about my AB side. We've been married for 16 years now.

    Women who can embrace or at least tolerate an AB partner are definitely out there. It just takes time to find one. Don't give up.

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    Well as it goes with women in the real world. I was dating a girl not too long ago who was open to a lot of things. She was bi, had several fetishes, had gay/tranny friends, and was all around just a good person.

    Then she found God, took things to the extremes, and we both ended it. Good thing she told me too cause I was gonna completely open up to her and that probably would have ended bad.

    But, with I have been talking to a few people on there, and have found a few local guys into this fetish, and a mommy a couple states away. I was wondering if anyone knows if this is like other fetish dating sites where ppl always end up chickening out right before a meet up. It seems that if these people are paying for the site then they would be serious, but I just don't know.

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    I had an account there and well... it's so/so. I did end up chatting with a few guys and everyone I chatted with was OK with my fetishes and all; however in the end all they were looking for was sex. Now I will say that I broke my own internet meet up safety rule and twice invited them right over to my house. Yes, everything was fine and worked out and all was on the up and up however I know better. I should have been smart and met in public first but no harm no foul I suppose but I won't risk it again.

    Honestly, it mostly worked out to finding some guys to have some kinky sex, got to break out some of my BDSM restraint's and toys. However I've mostly parted ways with those that I met. One I found out had a steady girlfriend and only wanted to play with a guy on the side. Sorry but I don't date straight guys and I won't play second fiddle to anyone. Another, he was fine but we simply couldn't seem to carry on any type of conversation so we drifted apart. Oh, and I've probably overstepped the rules of the adult-baby board and am probably way into Mature Topic's land now.

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    I had an account there as well, never paid for the membership... I considered that site pretty much useless without a membership. I don't rely on those sites now though. I told my current girlfriend I was an AB before we started dating and we've been happy as can be for more than 6 months now. Thats my opinion/ experience.


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    My girlfriend/fiance knew me as a TS, so all is good. No need to look elsewhere. However I have known a few people go on there and meet others in person (after getting to know them online).

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    Blah, I'd suggest It's free and much more user-friendly, with group forums and an easy way to find events close to you.

    Through fetlife, I've gotten involved with my local BDSM community and made really good friends (and found my dom/girlfriend). Alt just seems like a rip-off to me. :/

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