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    When I wear tape diapers I tend to try and make them seal well around my legs. Obviously there is going to be some pressure on my legs, however should they be so tight that I notice tension marks when I take them off?

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    Probably not.....You don't need to have it on so tight that it's digging into your skin. I like to have mine 'just tight enough' to keep everything contained.

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    you dont need the diaper to completely seal around your legs LOL its not a spacesuit :P unless u going into space =]
    you probably shouldnt wear it so tight it will start hurtin after a while, i find that with old underwear.

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    Often an issue for me as I like them tight. I've learned to not over do it with disposables but plastic pants over cloth leave lines that last till the next night from their elastic leg holes. I do not think it is a problem as I get no numbness in my legs that would indicate a cutting off of the circulation. It is a concern if someone, as in a doctor or changeing at work notices them.

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    Heh, I like mine to be completely snug. I almost always have the red lines when I take my diapers off.

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    I've had a few leeks due to the tabs unsticking or breaking when I over tighten them, but I don't feel secure unless they dig in slightly, so I think it's a matter of balance

    On a side not I have a bit of a beer belly and when I wear my Abenas the only way to get them to sit right is to tighten the top tabs by bringing them down slightly relieving gaps at the joins on each side and exposed stuffing at the top, any suggestions as to solutions? (other than moving from the abri/delta-forms to the abri-wings as I'm not in a position to buy more at the moment)

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    A rule of thumb if you can fit two finger in diaper legs holes then it not to tight that how to check if it to tight and that actual how to make sure baby diaper is not so tight ether.

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    Quote Originally Posted by babylife247 View Post
    A rule of thumb if you can fit two finger in diaper legs holes then it not to tight that how to check if it to tight and that actual how to make sure baby diaper is not so tight ether.
    I'd agree with that. I usually slip a finger under the lower tapes to check for tightness. If you remove your finger and there's a gap left, you're way too loose. Mine usually "snap" back. I was getting minor red marks around my legs for the first week or so I suppose but it quit doing that without my changing my taping, your skin just has to adjust to the diapers, in many different ways. I remember when I first started taping on tighter due to leaks, where the cuffs went around my crotch was really bothering me for the first few days, but now I don't notice it at all, it's very comfortable actually, and it's just as tight as it was before. Just takes getting used to. Maybe go gradually tighter?

    If you're not wetting much at a time, and never flooding for sure, you don't need a tight seal around the legs. But if you do, you will need it to avoid leaks.

    ALSO, most diaper shells stretch a bit during the day if you're wearing for a long time. I padded up about 1/2 hr ago and will be leaving for work. This diaper won't come off till I get home probably, so it's going to be on 9-10 hrs. I may need to move the lower tapes in 1/2 - 3/4" each just before I leave work to restore their tension. (I'm working on wetting while driving) So for overnight you'll be at greater odds of leaking closer to morning. If you're going to flood overnight, do it right when you go to bed.

    On the subject of flooding, when I do flood, I usually can feel the liquid level rise in the middle, then slowly go down as the diaper absorbs and wicks into the back. If you have a gap in the cuffs, you're going to get a leak of epic proportions. I wouldn't even call that a "leak", it'll be more of a "spill" like dumping over a glass of water. So yes, you want the legs to be really well sealed if you're going to be doing that.

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