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Thread: why are pull-ups so bad?

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    Default why are pull-ups so bad?

    I love the idea of pull-ups they make things so much simpler. Anmd yet i am frustrated by their lack of padding. why are they so thin?

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    Pullups are intended for wearing overnight, so they are only reinforced with enough padding for a little bedwetting, or a few leaks.
    Generally they are not intended for full-blown wetting.
    Real Diapers are the way they are (cover the full hips and tapes holding) so that you can wear them for most of a day without leaking. A pullup diaper is not going to give you the same amount of wetting protection, as it covers less of your hips and doesn't fit as snugly.
    For the purpose of aiding regression though, pullups work great. Goodnites are very cute and they have a new pattern every year

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    I would have to disagree, evidently you have only tried the cheap pullups. Like with any diaper, premium brands are always better then any of the store brands, or Goodnites (that are designed for youth to begin with).

    Most pullups are not made for overnight, with the exception of a select few, but I defently would not recommend them for overnight use by adults, as they dont fit snug enough to contain leaks while laying (especially while shifting around in bed).

    Anyway, I use the Abena pullups, and they are defently absorbent, and made just as well as there tape on diapers.
    Although some of the good brands are really absorbent, the absorbency is only placed were needed. Obviously you couldnt put all the padding of a dry 24/7 into a pullup and expect it to work well, as it would weigh so much it would literally slide right off of you, or slide down enough to cause a leak. While I think the Abena pullups are really absorbent, they are not a x-plus in a plullup, as that just wouldnt work.

    Also note, that pullups are made for people who can still us the bathroom, but are only somewhat incontinent, and because of that, dont need a heavy diaper. Tape diapers are made for people who are fully incontinent, who usually dont use the bathroom, and hence, needing a more absorbent diaper

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    They are sooo cute it makes up for it though. I imagine that you could always use a booster for added bulk/absorbency.

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    I'd say it's a split between kiwis and racers ideas. For the kids its for overnight for minor bed wetting, and they're pullups because kids at that age range (1) want independence, (2) can't tape a diaper on themselves properly, and (3) are wanting to transition into underwear.

    For adult use, it's mainly for stress incontinence during the day, where they need to be able to easily remove for using the toilet.

    Neither requires capacity.

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    Pull Ups are also thin because during the day you may want something conspicuous, as well as easy to move around in and work. Over night for a serious bed wetter or for and adult something more robust will be required. Pull Ups do a great job as long as you don't do more then a few wettings, and realize the limitations. If you want massive, all day flooding you will have to step up to a traditional diaper style. But noise, bulk and comfort during some activities is sacrificed.

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    I thought I heard somewhere that someone was working on adult-sized pullups with fun designs. Anyone remember this? Was it abuniverse?

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    Pull ups are for small wettings if anything, and more so just to catch the user so they know to use the bathroom. Pull ups in general are not going to have tons of padding because of their purpose.

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    Pull-ups aren't bad, they just aren't meant for an adult's/teen's full-blown wetting. Like everyone else said, they are meant for potty training. Small leaks and such. There is adult pull-up diapers, but they are generally for small-moderate leaking. If it's full blown wetting and thinker padding, I suggest just getting a pack of adult diapers. Online is your best bet, but if you're like myself, store available ones are okay.

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