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Thread: Cutest video game!

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    Default Cutest video game!

    I nominate ilomilo as the cutest video game ever produced.

    Although Little Big Planet comes close.

    Of course, I could be sarcastic and nominate Manhunt, but what would be the point of that?

    Cutest video game characters? Well, saying Ilo and Milo would be a bit too obvious.

    Vivi from FFIX. The Tarutarus from FFXI. Link from Twilight Princess. A Boy and His Blob. The Murmur Twins. Sackboy. Karol from Tales of Vesperia. Mega Man. Sora from Kingdom Hearts. All of the heroes in Blue Dragon. The cast of Lego Star Wars.

    Of course, I could also add a list of hawt video games characters, but that probably deserves a thread of its own. Just for the record, the only person in my cute list that also makes my hawt list is Link. but that probably has more to do with all of the yaoi doujins I have seen featuring him over the years than anything else.

    What makes your list?

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    Don't forget Yoshi's Island with yoshi and baby mario.

    Kirby games are cute with an attitude. Pikmin and Katamari Damacy are cute too.

    The cutest video game would likely be a platformer. Yoshi, Spyro, and Sly Cooper come to mind

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    A lot of people would argue Hey you, Pikachu!. But I just don't think pikachu can compete with yoshis in cuteness (sorry!)

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    Is this cutest video game or cutest video game character?
    If it's the latter, the obvious choice is Tails. Klonoa is the cutest overall game though.

    Opinionated thread is opinionated.

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    I gunna have to put a vote in for Keeper for the SNES as the cutest video game ever. Here is a shot of the box. You'll have to look around for screenshots or find the rom to play it yourself, but it is one of the best puzzle games of all time and by far the cutest!

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    Cutest Video Character: March; Eternal Sonata. She looks so happy..

    Cutest Video Game: Yoshi's Island. Yoshi is just a happy little turtle slash dinosaur.. thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Excalibur View Post
    Opinionated thread is opinionated.
    And is that really such a bad thing? :P

    I forgot all about Tails, you are right about him, though. His full name, Miles Prower, on the other hand, should win the "lamest pun ever" award.

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    I googled Ilomilo after I saw your post. And I must say... D'AWWWWWWWWWWWW~ (I need to get this!)

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    <sarcasm>I vote for the Companion Cube from portal.

    Is their anything more adorable than an inanimate box with a heart on it? I think not.
    Unless it would bake cookies, because that would cause the world to burst into flames due to sheer excellence!

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    Little Big Planet. So much of an awesome game, I'm going to pre-order LBP2.

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