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    OK, for the record: I understand that most people think that they're pretty good drivers. This being said, no offense intended, but at least some are wrong. PLEASE PLEASE remember that four-wheel-drive does NOT mean four-wheel-STOP!!! Also, NOTHING short of a D8 cat(bulldozer for those that don't know the reference) gets traction on ICE.
    I really don't want to have to read about anyone from here becoming a highway statistic. Be careful out there.

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    Ummm thanks?

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    Yes, it's a little rant-like. With all of the snow that's been falling in the US, I felt it was necessary. There are way too many avoidable accidents just because they don't take weather and road conditions into account.

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    Sorry to be an ass, but it's pretty much common sense.

    I've seen bulldozers get stuck and slide on ice, there's not much you can do about it besides chains.

    Thanks for the (unneeded) PSA though...

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    I dont know how to respond to this tread other than by stating things that i see at my job as a bus driver on a daily basis
    So here's my list that I have been waiting to rant for a while

    1. Please look both way when crossing the street. Just because you think you are a pedestrian does not give you the right of way. I see this all the time at CU. It ridiculous. I'm one of the few bus drivers that look
    for those people to make sure i don't run you over but. I'm only human, remember that.
    2. STOP Means STOP. Its big, red, has eight sides and white lettering. It MEANS STOP.... not roll through, not yield, STOPPPPPPPPPP. I saw a really nasty accident today cause some a-hole didn't notice it and
    slammed into an SUV. I saw a baby pulled out of the wreck. dont know if he survived and i'll bet the the driver that ran the red light probably wont care.
    3. Put the Phone DOWN. Put it Down. Its not worth risking other people lives, because your obviously not caring about yours. Whats so important that you cant wait until the next stop light...
    4. Pay attention to the road signs there there for a reason. That means no double and triple turning. Don't U-turn in the middle of traffic and make sure that you dont go straight in a lane intended to turn left only.
    5. Don't Race the Yellow. I have seen countless accidents because of this. Its really Stupid. and whoever does this is pretty stupid. You might have a nice sweet fast care but the person that you hit will be the one
    with the slow one.
    6. If you see Flashing light, especially of varying color, PULL THE F*** OVER. THEY'RE Driving to something MUCH MORE IMPORTANT than you are. And make sure to Pull to the right not to your left you Dumba***
    7. oh and yes to reiterate what Kalis said. You may have the best tires, with the best brakes, on the best car, But your not F***ing stopping on ICE.

    Thanks to anyone and everyone who took the time to read my rant. There are so many stupid drivers out there, most of which shouldn't even own a license, let alone near a car. I definitely needed to vent this. Thanks and don't forget to use that lever to the left of your steering wheel, there called turn signals and they're definitely useful.

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    Yes to all, and also, tire chains are for fools. They do not actually do much, and THEY ARE A LEGAL ADMISSION THAT THE ROADS ARE IMPASSIBLE. If you put tire chains on your vehicle it is automatically YOUR fault if there is an accident. Yes, even if the other vehicle jumps the median, if you have chains on, it is YOUR fault.
    Common sense isn't so common after all...

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    Tire chains aren't for fools. Give me good reasons. I've seen plenty of people that needed chains, rubber tires alone on a slick road won't do much traction. What are you suggesting; studded tires? Those are pretty cost prohibitive.

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    Tire chains give a false sense of security, if the road is ice, then even chains will not give you traction. In the US putting them on your vehicle is a legal admission that the roads are impassible. If the roads are bad enough that you cannot drive on them with regular tires, then DON'T DRIVE. After 10 years OTR, yes, I think I know more about it than most. I still (knock on wood) have a perfect safety record.

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    Old Florida Drivers. Need I say more?

    Good god I hate this state with an incredible passion.

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    Seeing as I got my Georgia driver's license for $15 and leisurely cruise around the back yard of the police station at no more than 10mph, I'm not at all surprise people from Georgia can't drive to save their lives, let alone drive in adverse conditions such as snow/ice. People from NY or CT seem to constantly keep one foot on the brake pedal of their car, as their brake lights are on constantly, which makes it impossible to attain a decent speed on highways because there's no way to tell when they're slowing down or just going straight up. I reckon their driver's "education" wasn't any better either.

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