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Thread: My first trip to ToysRUs in a very long time!! :D

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    Red face My first trip to ToysRUs in a very long time!! :D

    Kind of a random post but...

    Hey everyone, today my girlfriend and I were hanging out and decided to kill some time so we ended up going to wal-mart. In the process, she said to me "You've been such a good boy, lets go look at the toys"! I was a tad embarrassed, but went ahead and did so with a small yet meaningful, "Sure".

    As soon as we got there she immediately ran over to the Barbie dolls, I thought it was so cute that she kind of used my fetish as a gateway into the toy section. Regardless, she shopped and shopped and couldn't find anything she wanted so we swung by ToysRUs on the way home.

    I felt pretty awkward at the toy store since I felt too old to be shopping for me, and too young to be shopping for a child I knew. I just have this fear that I'm being stalked or will be kicked out of a store due to my age. Regardless, I felt at ease when we got a shopping cart and started getting Barbies and a Ken doll (for us to role play, I imagine).

    I guess I just wanted to state this that it really warms my heart that my girlfriend can open up to me about Barbies and toys that she won't even tell her best friend about, and vice-versa with diapers. Its funny how things like that work out

    By the end of the night, I felt like I had been the one holding her hand saying "Sweetie, this one, or this one. They are so cool"?!

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    thats awsome

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