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Thread: Fan of Depends on Facebook

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    Default Fan of Depends on Facebook

    I was on my facebook friends list, and I found a friend who happens to be a fan of Depends.
    This friend is just out of high school, and I have known this person probably most of their life.
    I never figured they were a *B/DL so it got me to wondering why they are a fan of Depends.

    Any ideas?

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    A joke seems likely, they probably did it just to seem funny. You could investigate further, but I doubt they are actually a AB/DL.

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    Do some research and find out who else is a fan/who created the page. That'll give you a clue if it's an ABDL thing or just a couple of kids fooling around. I guess, like Oblivion, is the latter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by diaperz View Post
    No one that is an ab/dl is really a fan of Depends.
    Not necessarily, if that is all you can get and have no other frame of reference you would love them as much as any of us do a premium brand.

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    Quote Originally Posted by diaperz View Post
    No one that is an ab/dl is really a fan of Depends.

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    Aha no AB/DL fresh out of high school would have that on their fb. Most of us are too self concious of our life style

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    I would be a fan of it for a joke. A friend and I have a running depends joke, so everybody would just think it's something (my name here) would do.

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