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Thread: Getting rid of powder smell

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    Default Getting rid of powder smell

    Been playing around with the Teddy Bambinos for a while and when I got home tonight noticed my room in my apartment smells like baby powder--even though I haven't used it for a few days. Any tips for getting rid of the smell? This is esp. important as my parents are coming in a few days and it would be disastrous with a capital D if they figured it out...

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    I imagine that a strong smelling candle would do the trick. Also vacuum and dust, they might even have a good impression about you living on your own if they notice this. :p

    You're probably in for a good 2hrs of cleaning though.

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    The best way to get rid of that kind of smell is to cover it up. light candles or spray air freshener(ew) in your room before they visit.
    I think it's very unlikely that anyone is going to make the connection that you are an AB or investigate a powder smell, unless they already know about your diaper interest before they smelled it. Powder is used for lots of other things: chafing, deodorant, foot odor, keeping infections dry. You shouldn't have to worry much about this as long as your diaper things are well-hidden.

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    You could fill the room with a different smell. Clean that room with the fresh scent of Pinesol! Personally, I think it stinks, but won't your parents be proud of you for disinfecting your room, though they might wonder why!

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    Airing things out is better than covering smells in my experience. If you can get fresh air into the space and clean up as well, it'll be much better.

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    Scented candles, then vacuuming. Don't use air fresheners because they usually mix into the smell, not mask it. I tend to use scented candles and open a window part way when I try to get rid of smells.

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    You could provide a noticeable, self-evident explaination for the smell. Walgreens sells a generic sort of air-freshener that has a Baby Powder scent. It's one of those semi-solid, gelatinous blobs, inside a plastic housing, that eventually dries out and shrivels-up when it's no longer functional. They are often the only ones left on the shelf after Wallgreens puts them on sale. I love the smell of Baby Powder, so I would choose to buy the fresheners with that scent, even if there were other scents available. I have had some of my smart-ass friends ask me why my bathroom smells like a baby nursery, even though they know full well that it's from the air-freshener. The air-freshener sits in plain sight on the sink, next to the soap. I told them that," I am too much of a cheapskate to buy the more expensive air-fresheners. The Walgreens one's only cost a buck, but the only kind they had in stock were the Powder scented ones. "

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    Cook with something that smells: bacon, onions, etc.

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    I'm on board with Fifigal, baby-powder air freshener. It misdirects and explains all in one move.

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