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Thread: who would be interested??

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    Default who would be interested??

    Hello all, i am new to this forum but not the DL community. I am not sure if this is the right place to post this, sorry if it is.

    Basically i am in the process of designing a brand of adult diapers in the same sort of style as pampers, huggies etc ( not the same for legal reasons). I have done a lot research and i have noticed that there is a distinct lack of baby style diapers on the market.

    I would like to find out who would be interested in this?? I am aiming for two sizes small and medium, larger sizes at a later stage.

    I would really appreciate the responses below, if you are interested it would be great if you specify sizes below: i.e small / 50-80cm waist or medium / 70-110cm waist??

    Look forward to hearing back from you

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    That would be interesting

    I'm not so sure on sizing though xD

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    Ive think that would be a great idea due to the fact many people
    Here would want to wear baby diapers and cant fit
    Im lucky since i can fit into them(size 25 waist)
    But im sure unwoild get support if u went thru with this

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    I would certainly be interested in these! Although if you were going to make these I think that you would probably have more success with finding custom if you initially made them in sizes M and L, rather than S and M. I would imagine more of your target demographic will be adult males, being as there seem to be more males in the AB/DL community and that most teens probably couldn't order such diapers online, and my guess would be there are more adult males who need a size L than need a size S. Although, that said, as far as I can tell none of the diaper companies that do make babyish diapers (Bambino, Cuddlz, ABU etc) make them in a size small so you would be covering an area of the market they don't go to.

    But anyway, I would be interested in these, as long as the price were not too expensive, and as long as the design was cute. The only reason I haven't bought myself any of the Cuddlz diapers is because I find the 'teddy bears' on the front to look a bit scary rather than cute. But, assuming that the designs were cute I would definitely be interested. What kind of features/designs were you thinking about having for the diapers? Would they be cloth or plastic? One tape or two?

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    acually if you made some pull ups that would be amazing, and selling huggies based pull ups for adults...well you would have a monopoly on those soo....

    Diapers would be good too

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    Yeah i would be interestes too
    (one of the rare teens who can order online thanks to box)

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    i have a rather small waist, could you add a youth size?

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    I would be interested. Plastic back would be nice.

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    I'd be interested, but I don't see this taking off the ground without any evidence.

    In the event that you do get this off the ground, I would highly be interested in them at a range of 30"~34" inch waist. Cloth backed would be kick ass.

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    ME! I love wearing baby diapers for nostalgia reasons. Also they're awesome. I wish I could fit into them, and I'd absolutely love to wear replicas of vintage diapers.

    The current ones out there aren't very good replicas, IMO.

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