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Thread: AnthroCon :3

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    Default AnthroCon :3

    I am going, staying at the Weston, really slumin it there.
    WHo happens to be going...
    or wants to show their jealousy and hate for me

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    I may be going. I'll definitely be going if I can find some people to meet up with! I live in Pittsburgh so it's not like I'm looking for a room... I'm just looking for some company.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mandi View Post
    Whats an anthrocon?

    Seeing as it's on the Furry board...I'll say a Furry convention >.>

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    GAAAH I wanna go T_T

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    It's actually close to home for me, but I won't be going (I'm not a furry, so yeah). However, I'll be sure to tune into local media for the event. I always enjoy people on radio and tv trying to understand and explain what a furry is.. and what anthrocon is lol.

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    It's much less than 50 miles away, but I don't think I'm going. It does look like it'd be kinda fun though. So maybe some other year. There's another thing (not furry though) going on in Pittsburgh (well, very close) that I'd like to go to in July.... but also probably won't be going to that.... and that would be a concert.

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